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Dec 27, 2010 10:52 AM

ISO Natural / Organic / Grass Fed beef / pork in Montreal area.

Hello everyone,

Having young twin girls at home, and concerned about what goes into their little bodies, my wife and I are looking to buy organic beef and pork, that we can freeze and use as required for their meals.

We are looking to save money when we can (we are a normal, middle class family), and buying in bulk could save us a couple of dollars. So we are looking for recommendations of local farmers that organically and ethically raise their animals to feed our little monsters. Any recommendations?

Many thanks!

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  1. Stairsholme Farm (run by Andrew Stairs and his wife) in Hemmingford should still be offering grass-fed beef (he did a while back but I am unsure what the status is on raising beef these days). He also has excellent chickens and other fowl (and goose eggs!)

    Several years ago, we purchased a half cow from him. Everything was delivered frozen in neatly wrapped butcher paper and identified in grease pencil. It was a LOT of beef! LOL

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      He has a stall at the St Anne de Bellevue market and is there every Saturday. There was also another stall that had grass fed beef and sold pork as well there. I am not sure of their name and also not sure if they go to the indoor location of the market during the winter. Andrew's beef is very good by the way if you like grass fed beef.

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        Thank you both. I had no idea there was a market at St-Anne de Bellevue. Could you provide the specific location? Will go check it out next saturday!

        1. re: Gregoso

          Any idea yet if Stairsholme is at St Anne in the winter?

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            I live in St. Lazare, very close to beautiful, Hudson, Quebec. There is a fine shop at 133 Main Road in Hudson. Natural meat from stress free animals, no hormones, no antibiotics. Even if you can't find what you want, just visiting Hudson, is worth the trip!

            1. re: eatwell

              Yes, 2 thumbs up to the store at 133 Main in Hudson, it's called Viandes & Plus. They carry beef from their own animals that are raised on the premises as well as pork, chicken, lamb, etc...from other local farmers.