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Dec 27, 2010 08:36 AM

one more recipe needed please!

making a cocktail/dessert party for 50 THIS WEEKEND! GULP!
Want one more hot recipe - I know I probably don't need it - but would like another alternative.

This is the menu thus far - pretty well set
Cold - veggies and dip, cheeses, (maybe dried salami - not sure of this), candied walnuts, spinach madeline, guac, salsa, eggplant and goat cheese crostini, mozz balls and cherry tomatoes on toothpick (maybe oven roasted cherry tomatoes)

Hot - crab cakes with roumalade, franks in bourbon, clam dip, turkey meatballs, spinach/mushroom/swiss rollups, potato-nik, onion gratinee, moroccan chicken, mayo parm on pumpernickel,

Salad table - mediterranean salas (israeli couscous, bowties, craisins, almonds), mango and black bean, asian spinach, pasta/pesto/peas.

Desserts - blackout cake, hungarian coffee cake, cheese cake, PB+J bars, pecan diamonds, lemon curd mini tarts, cookies.

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  1. I still remember a party years ago where they had miniature reubens on cocktail rye.

    1. another recipe? good lawdy, lady, that is plenty of food and plenty of options.
      although what is mayo parm on pumperncikel? just mayonaisse and grated cheese run under the broiler? i'm sure it's delish, but wouid seem an easy one to skip.

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      1. re: hotoynoodle

        yes - it is pretty delish - it also has diced red onion - easy to make - not looking to SKIP! - want to ADD! I know I know - crazy - but I'm jewish and love to cook - there can never be too much!

        1. re: smilingal

          I'd seriously consider paring down, e.g., spinach madelines, spinach rollups, spinach salad...I'd do one not all. Plus some of those things -- like the parm on pump -- would get crusty and unappealing if they're sitting out awhile, which they invariably will given this extensive menu. Kudos to you for your ambition and generosity, but fewer things done well and in quantity are more appealing in my opinion.

          Granted I may be reacting based on personal overindulgence this season...the only addition that I would offer is a colorful fruit salad.

          1. re: Niblet

            you are right - the fruit salad is a definite missing item - but one that I myself, avoid making - - will give it some thought to include it for those that go to it - I have been buying out all the butter supplies of the local stores for the other dessert goodies! lol
            The spinach salad is on the salad table - separate from the passed spinach rollups - and separate from the spinach madeline which is kind of like a dip - altho I have recently learned that it used to be served as perhaps a vegetable in the originating restaurant.

            1. re: smilingal

              Spinach Madeleine is a common side served with holiday meals in New Orleans/ around Louisiana. But I can see it as a dip, too.

      2. I'm with noodle. You have so much food already. Is there a theme here?

        1. Are you going to be preparing and storing and making into 50 or 100 pieces each all by yourself? So many pots and pans to clean (and so many items to keep hot or cold just before serving).

          Are you making 50 or more servings of each item?

          Just thinking if I were there, I couldn't even try one of each...

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          1. re: Cathy

            the usual math for this sort of thing is to figure about 6 pieces per person, as long as it isn't being held at dinner time, or in lieu of dinner.

            when i have worked for private events, we always tried to steer the host/planner away from serving more than 6 passed (hot) apps, especially if there were stations, like you will sort of have with your cold foods and salads. (btw, isn't the egpplant and goat cheese served hot too?) not counting the sweets, you have 21 different items. how many pieces of each are you making? how on earth will you prep, store and heat all this stuff? items like the crab cakes, the potato-nik and the mayo-parm do not hold well and are generally made to order in a restaurant setting. how do you plan to juggle all this?

            i am italian and feel your need to feed my guests well. i also entertain quite often at home. this is truly overkill. it's easier for you and your guests to make fewer dishes, but to make greater quantities. this way, you just have to refill the chafing dish or platter.

            i'm not trying to be a buzzkill, but am offering you professional advice.

            3 hots, 3 colds, 1or 2 salads is plenty, plus the sweets. (and plus-one vote for some sort of fruit salad. i like it kebab-style with grapes, kiwi and pineapple this time of year.)

            1. re: hotoynoodle

              eggplant and goat cheese is room temp - and actually potato-nik and crab cakes are easily kept room temp as well - I think I am going to be baking/broiling the crab cakes as opposed to frying - the mayo-parm needs to be a la minute - maybe I should exclude that one - but I was already giving in to all of my well-meaning CH friends who are twisting my arm to STOP! - and I was going to give up on my quest for that one more (which I think I was resorting to a pre-made spanikopita - so that won't be happening - and maybe I should eliminate the mayo-parm - altho it is an easy one. 50 people - that is a large crowd! And this is in place of a meal - 3:00 start time. soooooooo.........

              1. re: smilingal

                spanikopita? more spinach? lol.

                seriously, are you planning to make all this from scratch? do you have help serving? have you done an event for this many people before, and do you always cook this many different things? how many ovens/stoves do you have?, pots, pans, platters, chafers? i am not being snarky. it just sounds like no cohesive theme to the food and far too many balls in the air.

                1. re: smilingal

                  Not to jump on the band wagon but I agree about the number of dishes. Quality over quantity. I went to a dessert party last night where there were so many desserts we were all overwhelmed and then overly stuffed; and there were far fewer desserts than you're planning. The eggplant and goat cheese sounds great as do the crab cakes (serve hot, when you're out, you're out and that'll be fine). I'd cut back on the more "common" items like roll ups, salsa and guac (which likely won't get touched w/ all the other food), the non-seasonal items (cherry tomatoes in the winter can go) and things that won't last over an evening like the parm mayo, clam dip (this sounds great but I'm wondering how it'll hold up over a few hours of people dipping in it). A fruit and veggie tray would be great.

                  If you do want to add something, a frittata type dish would hold up and can start off hot but is good cold. But, I'm thinking of making just that many desserts by the weekend and I'm overwhelmed and I entertain often. Also, have you thought about how to keep all your hot dishes hot, how to time it all, heat them all at once, refrigerator space, etc?

                  1. re: chowser

                    ok ok - I will leave out the guac and salsa too! Boy - eliminating food is not my style!
                    And Clam dip is a great - also easy dish - have been making it for about 30 years - kind of dated! - with Ritz crackers - has been around forever - has to be there.
                    Ok - maybe not the cherry tomatoes and mozz too. This is painful!
                    Plus I have bought a lot of the ingredients already - and today is my first cooking day - but haven't yet started.

                    1. re: smilingal

                      since you're not looking at a lot of fresh produce, i'm sure much of you've purchased can be re-purposed. are you able to hone in on fewer dishes? for example, do you really "need" 2 pasta-type salads? where do you live? peas and pesto to me are summer, not winter. use the spinach from the roll-ups and salad to make more madeliene.

                      the moroccan chicken should be fine room temp, but none of the other "hot" items would appeal to me room temp or cold. can you narrow that down a bit?

                      1. re: smilingal

                        and a quick google-fu shows the madeleine as being served hot too... this is an awful lot of cheesey dips.

              2. my wife makes sausage balls
                .small tube of jimmy dean sausage(any flavor u like )spicy or sage are good..
                2 or 3 (dont remember exactly) cups bisquick and
                and a bag of sharp cheddar cheese (usually 2 cups)
                mix together with a little water
                form into little balls and bake at 350 for about 18 mins...