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Dec 27, 2010 08:01 AM

flavored syrups for Tiki drinks

I've gotten into Tiki drinks recently and I've been having trouble finding the flavored syrups so many of the drinks call for. I don't like ordering online because of the (relatively) large shipping costs. Specifically Orget is extremely difficult to find locally, but passion fruit and pomegranate are also frequently called for. Most liquor stores don't carry any syrups, and coffee shops typically only have ones that go well with coffee. Some import stores have a few flavors, but they don't seem to have good selections or any consistency.

I found a local coffee shop, Brewberrys, that ordered the syrups for me in the past, but they've changed providers and may or may not be able to get me Orget again. I'll find out soon.

Where else can I get these flavored syrups locally (preferably in Saint Paul)?


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  1. Can you use the Torani syrups? Kowalski's on Grand Ave carries them. Don't know about the selection, etc., but it might be worth a call.


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    1. re: The Dairy Queen

      Torani and Monin both make the flavors so either is fine (or another brand too). I'll check that out, thanks!

      1. re: xcorvis

        Turns out Kowalski's has a small selection of coffee friendly flavors like hazelnut, almond, caramel and the like.

    2. Surdyk's used to stock Finest Call passion fruit syrup & Orgeat-it's not perfect but probably the best you're going to do locally-haven't checked for a couple of years...

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        Interested in this also. Orgeat is hard to make well...most of the commercial stuff is crap. Grenadine is easy to make though, just mix pom juice and cane sugar. Tiki drinks are alot of work but worth it.

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          I wasn't able to find Orget at Surdyk's, I think they said they don't normally carry it, but maybe that's changed in the past few months.

        2. I was able to pick up the syrups I wanted from the store formerly known as Brewberry's. It's now called Espresso Royale (at Randolph and Fairview in St. Paul). They will special order Monin syrups. It sounds like they have full access to the catalog of syrups. I found that some stores can only order certain flavors because their distributor doesn't carry them.