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Dec 27, 2010 07:21 AM

Buying rolled wheat flakes or red wheat berries in Rockville area?

I hoped that they would have rolled wheat flakes or hard red wheat berries at the Whole Foods in Rockville, but no dice. Does anyone know of a place around Rockville that might have them? I know I can get them online, but there's a part of me that just can't stand paying over $10 in shipping for items totaling less than $5.

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  1. Mom's Organic Market on Parklawn Drive?

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    1. re: nickdanger

      yeah try moms. not really rockville, but you could check out bethesda co-op as well.

    2. If MoMs does not pan out, you might try your nearest Korean grocer. They often have rolled grains in several varieties in the grain section. But I'd sure expect MoMs to have them.

      1. Not sure about the wheat flakes... but, I've definitely bought the hard red wheat berries at MOM's in the past. They have a great selection of bulk grains.

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        1. re: daphy

          I think I just saw red wheat berries in the bulk section at Wole Foods Rockville (Congressional Plaza) a couple of days ago

        2. Thanks, everyone! I must have missed the wheat berries at Whole Foods, but I'll head back there, and I'll give MOM a call!