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Dec 27, 2010 07:17 AM

Speaking of great cheese, to what lengths would you go to get it?

All this cheese talk is making me salivate. There are simply too many! Some travel FOR cheese, some travel and fit cheese into their schedules. Where have you been (or desire to go) where the cheese originates?

Have been:

Caerphilly, Wales
Aisy Cendre, Burgundy, France
Appenzeller, Appenzell, Switzerland
Beaufort, France
Lincolnshire Poacher, Lincolnshire, England
Berkswell, Warwickshire, England
Le Chevre Noir, Quebec
Cheshire, Shropshire, England
Doddington, Northumberland, England
Fontina D'aosta, Italy
Gorgonzola, Italy
Pecorino Toscano, Italy
Wensleydale, Yorkshire, England
Camembert, Normandy, France
Lancanshire, England
Single Gloucester, England
Taleggio, Italy
Cantal, Auvergne, France
Cheddar, England
Parmigiano-Reggiano, Parma, Italy
Shropshire Blue, England
Buratta, Italy

Some I would like to travel to (for) and dream of:

Le Moulis, France
Humboldt Fog, US
Perail, France
Manchego, Spain
Reblochon, France
Jersey Blue, Vermont
Munster, Alsace, France
Rogue River Blue, Oregon
Spenwood, England
Stilton, England
Nisa, Portugal
Saint-Marcellin, France
Laguiole, France
Mahon, Spain
Morbier, France
Roncal, Spain
Roquefort, France
Brillat-Savarin, France
Vermont Shepherd, US
Urner Alpkase, Switzerland

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  1. I once flew to Topeka for a rare Velveeta.

    1. Edam and Gouda.

      Honestly, I didn't go there just because of the cheese, but I wasn't about to pass up the oppportunity once I was in the vicinity...

      1. How are you doing on your dream list?

        1. I'd like to visit WOERLE Cheese World-- Henndorf am Wallersee Salzburg Austria.

          And see the Happy Cow

          1. Great list and you've mentioned one of my favourite cheeses Lincolnshire Poacher.
            Just in case you do set off to Stilton.
            This is the village in Cambridgeshire where it was first sold, It originated in Melton Mowbray Leicestishire. Any "Stilton" made in Stilton can't be called Stilton because of it's PDO status.Confusing I know.

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            1. re: Paprikaboy

              We "discovered" epoisses a couple of years ago. Last year my husband said, he'd really like to go to the place where it is produced. So, we're going to Burgundy for the first time and to the epoisses factory near Dijon. We plan to eat it every day.