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Dec 27, 2010 06:30 AM

Good alternative to Alkimia now that our flight to Barcelona was canceled!


Given the storm in NYC, our flight to Barcelona was canceled and therefore we weren't able to get to Alkimia for our dinner reservation. Unfortunately they are closed or booked all other nights we are free.

We have reservations at Cinc Sentits, Fonda Gaig, and Can Fabes for New Year's Eve.

What high-end restaurant do you think would be a good alternative to Alkimia that would contrast nicely with Cinc Sentits, Fonda Gaig, and Can Fabes? Moo? Hisop? Gresca? Dos Cielos?

Fingers crossed that our flight tonight to Barcelona will take off!

Thanks so much!

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  1. Try Gelonch- You won'y be disappointed!!

    1. It seems every place you are planning is at least modern if not cutting-edge. If you are looking for contrast, how about wonderful traditional Catalan. I would recommend La Dama.

      1. What about "Moments" at the Mandarin Oriental? It's operated by acclaimed 3* chef Carme Ruscalleda and also has a michelin star of its own.