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Dec 27, 2010 05:08 AM

best cocktail for new year's eve party - not tooooo terriblly complicated but still impressive

having a new year's eve party and want to offer an impressive cocktail to guests that isn't too time consuming or complicated. was thinking about something with st. germaine (prosecco?) but maybe you will change my mind? i tend to like floral tastes, vodka, champagne, etc. or, how about something totally new? thanks for the ideas.

oh, and food-wise, i'm serving: various cheeses, appetizers, petit fours, etc.

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  1. I had as Saigon Margarita at a local bar recently. No idea of the measurements, but it was probably about:

    2 ounces Reposado Tequila, but Blanco would work just fine
    3/4 ounce Canton Ginger
    Finish with pineapple juice
    Garnish with lemongrass stalk

    Certainly not traditional, but awesome and easy.

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    1. re: invinotheresverde

      that sounds lovely! just wondering, what kind of glass was it served in... a margarita glass? thanks so much for the suggestion.

      1. re: swiftbanderilla

        It was served on the rocks, in a pint glass, but I'm sure you could serve it straight up.

    2. This might not be for everyone...a savory version of something akin to a Chocolatini:
      Mix 1 part Port with 4 parts Vodka (we use CIROC because it's made from well in this combination) in a cocktail shaker. Pour into martini glasses that have rims coated with softened Stilton (or other bleu). The Port & Stilton are fabulous together.

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      1. re: boredough

        ok, yum! can't wait to try this. i may not use it for the party, only because one of the things i am serving is pizza with fig jam, prosciutto, maytag blue cheese and scallion. so it might be too same-same. but that drink sounds so wonderful i think i'll plan another menu around it soon (serve with beef)?. thanks for the idea.

        1. re: swiftbanderilla

          Yes, probably too much of a good thing (blue cheese). I would just suggest you taste test the Port/Vodka ratio, in case you prefer more or less of the Port. Good luck with the party!

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          1. I eventually got the message -- it just took a while. While I'm working it out, here is a non-controversial recap of the posts:

            I think an elderflower French 75 (sometimes called a French 77, I think) would fit your bill perfectly. It has champagne for that New Years feeling:

            French 75 (Elderflower) aka French 77
            2 oz Gin or cognac
            1/2 oz Elderflower liqueur
            1/2 oz Simple syrup
            1 oz Lemon juice
            2 oz Champagne (float

            Shake, strain, straight up, flute, top with champagne or dry sparking wine

            I prefer the cognac version.

            To this, davis_sq_pro replied that it may be too strong with 2 oz of gin or cognac and that maybe to serve only the first round with this and subsequent rounds with just a splash of spirit.

            I replied that I thought that the drink might not work well without the alcohol and that maybe an elderflower "Kir Royale" would work for subsequent rounds (sparkling wine with about 1/2 oz of elderflower liqueur). Yes, more than 2 French 75's within a few hours would be too much for most folks.


            1. re: EvergreenDan

              persistence pays (how funny; there are politics everywhere)! i am so making this cocktail nye, with the cognac. sounds DIVINE. and i like your idea of starting with the French 75's then making the elderflower version of the kir royale. thanks. and CHEERS!

              1. re: EvergreenDan

                I made the drink and it was great. I changed it just a hint (more St. Germaine and less cognac) and served that to the majority. Those who didn't like cognac got just the St. Germaine, champagne, lemon and simple syrup. YUM!
                PS: When we ran out of St. Germaine I did champagne with fig vodka. Not bad!
                Thanks again and CHEERS!

                1. re: swiftbanderilla

                  davis_sq_pro: I should never have doubted you on the spiritless version.

                  Glad it worked out well.

            2. Easy and classic to me means old fashioneds ... Plus after two you can stop worrying about the hors d'oeuvres! I am not trying to start a recipe war (people get pretty passionate about cocktail recipes), but I use a scant teaspoon of turbinado, a finger of water, and a couple of shakes of Angostura bitters, plenty of ice, two jiggers of good bourbon, and a maraschino cherry. An orange slice is optional.

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              1. re: tim irvine

                i like a good food battle! i know that this will sound very unspohisticated but bourbon reminds me of drinking from my parents' liquor cabinet when i was a kid. most things that remind me of my dad are my favorite things but in this case, i must confess, it reminds me of sneaking to watch benny hill or the love boat whilt my parents drank during bridge parties. my parents used to make "bourbon slush"... probably with fresca or some such high-end drink. so, i dunno, as much as i love vintage, i'm a little scared of it! i promise to give your drink a try sometime. it might make me more mature or perhaps i'll go back to my easy bake oven days? cheers!