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Dec 26, 2010 07:51 PM

Wasabi Lettuce? CSA box mystery...

A bright green curly lettuce that tastes just like wasabi was in our last CSA box (San Diego area). I have no idea what it is or how to use it, and a few minutes of searching the interwebs didn't provide convincing results. Have you tried it? What did you make with it? My sister did a very fine chop on it and added it to sauce and stew, as if it were the grated wasabi root itself, with good results. Ideas?

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  1. Those are mustard greens, and you can treat them as you would any other bitter/sharp green. They're excellent blanches, then gently pressed dry and sautéed with garlic and a tiny splash of balsamic; they add a great under-punch when shredded in small quantities into lettuce salads, and they make an outstanding gratin.

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      I love mustard greens with legumes in soup or with pasta.

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        Raw mustard greens give me a lovely nose burn just like wasabi...great stuff! That jolt goes away when they are cooked but I love them either way.

      2. I also live in San Diego- East County- and couldn't find a CSA and instead get a weekly Farmers Market Bag from Specialty Produce.

        On their website ( ), they list all the local produce they carry and sell, with descriptions, photos, nutritional value, which local restaurants are purchasing it and at the the bottom, lists recipe ideas. Anyone can use this site.

        It isn't called wasabi lettuce there either, but your photo is almost exactly the same as found at "greens, mustard" in the left column. I do think you should ask your CSA to clarify if you get some sort of unusual product name you can't find. I have a friend in Valley Center who gets an email the day before she is to pick up her CSA box and the email lists what is in the box. She researches recipes and uses before the box is in her car...

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          This might be better on the San Diego board, but have you tried Suzie's Farm (just off the west end of the 905 freeway to Otay)? They have pickups in Poway and El Cajon. Also, I know people who have used Morning Song Farms out of Rainbow and love it; it's much more fruit-heavy than Suzie's.

        2. Mustard Greens - here is an iconic dish from the heartland of India made with Sarson - that's the Punjabi word for said greens.

          1. Amazing how much they taste like wasabi. I wrapped them around leftover ham, dijon mustard and a slice of swiss for lunch today. Delish!

            I like the ideas, and am thankful to have an answer.

            I split a CSA box with my Mom and Sister. Mom works in Vista, so she does the pick-up. My sis and I go to her house to get our split of the take. I will ask her if they give a "menu" of what is in each box. We've gotten some really nifty produce, but that was the first one I couldn't readily identify. I sure do like the idea of knowing what's coming so I can research recipe ideas.