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Dec 26, 2010 05:50 PM

Lots of Christmas Ham, what are your recommendations now?

I have all this delicious ham from Christmas. In all due respect to the ham, I do not like calling it "leftover." What are your recommendations for using this yummy Smithfield ham now? All suggestions much appreciated.

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  1. Pan de Jamon; any number of casseroles or stratas; sandwiches; there are a million ways to use good ham.

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      I'd made ham and cheese quiches and put them in the freezer - I don't even use a crust, just spray the dish......quick and easy to make and .they freeze well. My bunch loves them for a quick, healthy breakfast in the microwave.

      1. Ham & bean soup, split pea soup, ham salad sandwiches, pot of green beans and potatoes with fluffy dumplings on top, small shaved bits for a twist on pasta carbonara...

          1. Just loaded up on Ham and Navy bean soup! Yum, so good, topped with parsley and croutons.