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Lots of Christmas Ham, what are your recommendations now?

I have all this delicious ham from Christmas. In all due respect to the ham, I do not like calling it "leftover." What are your recommendations for using this yummy Smithfield ham now? All suggestions much appreciated.

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  1. Pan de Jamon; any number of casseroles or stratas; sandwiches; there are a million ways to use good ham.

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      I'd made ham and cheese quiches and put them in the freezer - I don't even use a crust, just spray the dish......quick and easy to make and .they freeze well. My bunch loves them for a quick, healthy breakfast in the microwave.

      1. Ham & bean soup, split pea soup, ham salad sandwiches, pot of green beans and potatoes with fluffy dumplings on top, small shaved bits for a twist on pasta carbonara...

          1. Just loaded up on Ham and Navy bean soup! Yum, so good, topped with parsley and croutons.

            1. Hash. Everybody loves it. Take a corned beef hash recipe and substitute with ham. Did this with leftover turkey. Good stuff!

              1. Croquettes
                Pea Soup
                Bean Soup
                Scalloped potatoes and ham
                Croque Monsieur/Madam
                Cuban sandwich

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                  Cuban sandwich, great idea! Especially if you fry your own onion rings.

                2. I was really disapointed in the "locally grown organic" ham that I served this year. It was sawdust dry and flavorless. How do you get a dry ham? I have tons of it leftover. Hopefully the bone will make a good stock for beans.

                  I like the idea of a pot of green beans with ham and potatoes.

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                    That's such a shame! I bet you paid a pretty penny for it, too. I've never bought local/organic ham, but have enjoyed local pork that's been well worth the money.

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                      Just in time for NEW YEAR'S DAY... Hoppin' John. The Southern dish that will bring you good luck in the New Year. There are many variations, but the basic ingredients are Black Eyed Peas, Carrots, Celery, Onions and served over White Rice. Add your ham to the dry peas as they cook. A very hearety and tasty simple dish for a crowd too!!

                  2. cut in 1/4" cubes and fry 'till crispy (very crisy), serve with breafast. Or fry in slices like bacon.
                    Killer pea soup.
                    The hash idea is great.

                    1. * sandwich
                      * hash
                      * quiche/pie
                      * thick slices dip in some flour, egg, breadcrubs/cheese and fry
                      * have on pizza
                      * make a pasta sauce with cream, peas and ham
                      * ham and cheese salad
                      * u can do this fun casserole with pineapple and rice
                      * give the rest to the dog

                      1. You can make a really nice mac and cheese and ham recipe with Epi's Rigatoni with Ham and Tomatoes (would you put ham with tomatoes? I wouldn't but this is really delicious!)...heh...a little on the RICH side too but, hey, it's the holidays:


                        heh, you could always do a jambalaya too...ham with tomatoes again..<snerk>