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What are you making with Christmas leftovers?

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After a small Christmas feast we have leftover ham -- baked, which I screwed up a little so it's kind of dry; egg whites; a little roast rump steak; and way too much unused dried fruit (dark and light raisins, currants), almonds, which will keep, obviously.

Made an egg white omelet with ham + misc veggies for dinner tonight. Will make a risotto with the ham tomorrow. But there's a lot of it, as well as a fair amount of beef. And I'd love to make something other than omelet or (other extreme) pavlova with the egg whites.

What do you have and what are you making? And what would you make with a few pounds of dry oven-baked ham?!

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  1. My baked Ham wasn't dry, but I am not a fan regardless. I also made a small roast beef that I loved. I buy a semi-boneless Corrando Ham and I keep the bone for Split Pea Soup, which I made today.
    You could make a strata or quiche with your dry ham.

    1. We had roast chicken a few days ago so made Melted Leeks and Chicken Pie with a chestnut/sage crust. It is yummy. We are having a gorgeous glazed ham tomorrow and will make corn and ham chowder with leftovers. Ham and cheese quiche is also great with leftover ham. So are some fancy schmancy grilled sandwiches with homemade mustard, aioli and a good cheese such as gorgonzola.

      Perhaps make some meringues with your eggwhites for a lovely dessert called Eton Mess (easily google-able).

      1. Tonight I made a frittata with leftover ham, onions, asperegus with some non-leftover cheese. Other uses of the ham will be on biscuits, with some mac & cheese, in sandwiches [rye bread is rising now] and then the bits will be used for a deviled ham or perhaps in a bean soup. I will continue to eat the leftover gravlax with bagels or as part of a pasta dish.

        Somehow there are no leftover cookies.

        1. egg whites & almonds:
          - dacquoise
          - financieres
          - macarons

          egg whites:
          - egg white souffle
          - Dutch baby
          - angel food cake

          dried fruit:
          - chutney
          - granola
          - trail mix

          since the ham is dry, i'd use it in a soup.

          1. just made cheese steaks with leftover prime rib.Tomorrow the bones become stock. I have a couple of chunks of left over roasted potatoes. I see them ending up in breakfast tacos.

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                that is what I ended up making! I put a fried egg on top.

            1. I gave away my Christmas leftovers to my guests so I have none but you can use that ham in any type of bean soup or a ham, potato, leek soup. It would also be good ground up and scrambled into eggs or omelette/frittata; mix ground ham into the filling for deviled eggs and chop it up to add to potato hash (top with shredded smoked gouda and a poached/fried egg, if desired)..

              Finely chop/ground ham to add to biscuit mix or pancake/waffle mix (top with real maple syrup for a treat). Make risotto cakes with a little chopped ham added to the filling then pat into panko and fry til crispy. Drizzle with a mustard vinaigrette. You could also make ham & potato croquettes.

              As for the dried fruit, I'd add it to oatmeal while cooking, use it in a rice pilaf or maybe make a raisin sauce to go with the ham. Simmer some of the currants in a little water until plumped up then drain and add to a food processor or blender with some of your favorite mustard. Puree the mix and use it to spread on sandwiches. Dried fruit lasts years so if you can't use it all now, store in freezer until ready to use.

                1. given your leftovers, i would so make macarons with the almonds and egg whites!

                  with the ham, a strata or savory bread pudding variation would hydrate/cover up dryness very well.

                  or baked ham roll-ups. take slices of ham; place cheese, herb, whatever filling on top and roll up. then dip in egg and milk, and cornmeal or crumbs, and bake.

                  or ham salad with a dressing and some of the dried fruits, almonds, etc.

                  you gots good stuff.

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                    Your ham roll-ups would also be good in chicken cordon bleu.

                  2. i made a custardy fritatta sort of thing - sliced boiled golden potatoes, sauteed onions, kale and apples, nutmeg, custard of heavy cream and egg yolks, little milk, diced HoneyBaked Ham, grated aged sharp cheddar cheese. Baked until puffy, then broiled briefly. Really rich and creamy.

                    1. Greek-style pies with poultry leftovers are very good - line a 13x9 pan with buttered phyllo, fill with poultry cut up and in gravy or sauce of your devising, top with more phyllo, bake about 45 mins at 325. Yum. That;s where some of my goose is going.

                      1. We had some of the ham for lunch, along with bubble & squeak, which used up the leftover spuds and sprouts.

                        Our standard "use up" dish is the Giant Pasty. Take a sheet of ready-rolled puff pastry and dump "stuff" onto it; seal it up, egg wash it, and bake for 30 minutes or so.

                        "Stuff" can be pretty much whatever is still around - ham, turkey, bits of sausage or bacon. You first make a sauce - fry a little onion and mushroom (if you have them) in butter, then stir in some flour to make a roux. Add some stock (or gravy from the turkey), then parsley, cream, a slosh of brandy. Blob of mustard never harms dishes like this. Let it bubble for a couple of minutes then take it off the heat to cool. When it's cold, mix the "stuff" into the sauce and make up the pasty - in fact, if you're as lazy as me, just pull the four corners together to make a big tart sort of thingy. Simples.

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                          A bubble and squeak fan here - must make it soon!

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                            I think you could wrap puff pastry around a brick and make it edible. Same with phyllo.

                          2. Leftover ham gets put into quiche or scalloped potatoes or soup. Leftover beef gets put into enchiladas. Dried fruit I keep cuz' it lasts a long time and is handy for cookies or quick breads.

                            1. I'd soak the ham, cubed, in pineapple juice and oranges until well marinated then quick heat the cubes in a hot, dry pan and serve with brown rice & crisp tender steamed green beans.

                              I mostly had beer, winter ale, leftover so I made a beer cake, smells heavenly.

                              1. Concur with those recommending soup for dry ham meat, especially a bean or cheddar-cheese/beer soup.

                                As for us, we had roast beef sandwiches out of leftover rib-eye roast last night. Toasted the bread in butter and sage, topped the toast with dijon and mayo, shredded rare beef, red onion, swiss cheese, and frisee. Ran everything but the frisee under the broiler for a couple of minutes. Aside from the roast beef, we'll probably just eat the rest of the leftovers as sides with different proteins over the next few days.

                                1. Tonight's football-watching party will feature a lot of leftovers. A good bit of my sister's Christmas Eve ham is going to be cubed and added to the pot of black bean soup that's bubbling on the stove. I still have a lot of the beef rib roast from my Christmas dinner, so I'm carving that up and serving it cold, with sandwich fixings, to have with the soup. Holiday nuts and sweets, all leftover, will round out the menu.

                                  1. If you're left with a bunch of ham and can't think of any more ways to fob it off on people, cut it into small pieces and cover it plus 1 thinly-sliced white onion in white vinegar (tamed with 1 part water to 3 of vinegar). Makes a nice tangy appetizer you can unload at your next function where copious alcohol is served.
                                    Kidding, it's really tasty, and keeps ages in a glass jar in the fridge (my husband just finished the last of a ham I cooked in...August...and put up this way then, last week). It's modeled on the pickled ham served at the Ronneburg restaurant in Iowa's Amana Colonies. V good with their cottage cheese "salad" (full-fat large-curd cottage cheese doctored up with a few TB of buttermilk, s&p, and a sliced scallion or two), and buttered rye bread.

                                    1. We were heavy on the vegetable leftovers (largely because our ham was unreasonably good this year and our people seemed to make portion decisions based on that!), so I was left with a quantity of boiled red potatoes with butter and dill, and some braised carrots and onions with paprika. Being tired of the reheated plate of same-old-story, I dumped the potato and carrot dishes into a pot with some stock and made a pureed soup. Some leftover ham was finely diced and fried crisp, as was some squeezed-dry shreds of leftover sweet-and-sour red cabbage. Boom - soup with some frizzly-tasty garnishes. And the rest of the dill as a flourish, as I hate chasing wilting herbs around the fridge. The result was something like a strangely delicious deconstructed carrot borscht. In the borscht spirit, we blobbed a little jalapeno-sour cream dip that was also doing the post-party malingering in the fridge on top. Heavens, it was tasty.

                                      Just different enough from the holiday dinner to relieve boredom, and cleaned out a lot of leftover containers!