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Dec 26, 2010 05:31 PM

What are you making with Christmas leftovers?

After a small Christmas feast we have leftover ham -- baked, which I screwed up a little so it's kind of dry; egg whites; a little roast rump steak; and way too much unused dried fruit (dark and light raisins, currants), almonds, which will keep, obviously.

Made an egg white omelet with ham + misc veggies for dinner tonight. Will make a risotto with the ham tomorrow. But there's a lot of it, as well as a fair amount of beef. And I'd love to make something other than omelet or (other extreme) pavlova with the egg whites.

What do you have and what are you making? And what would you make with a few pounds of dry oven-baked ham?!

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  1. My baked Ham wasn't dry, but I am not a fan regardless. I also made a small roast beef that I loved. I buy a semi-boneless Corrando Ham and I keep the bone for Split Pea Soup, which I made today.
    You could make a strata or quiche with your dry ham.

    1. We had roast chicken a few days ago so made Melted Leeks and Chicken Pie with a chestnut/sage crust. It is yummy. We are having a gorgeous glazed ham tomorrow and will make corn and ham chowder with leftovers. Ham and cheese quiche is also great with leftover ham. So are some fancy schmancy grilled sandwiches with homemade mustard, aioli and a good cheese such as gorgonzola.

      Perhaps make some meringues with your eggwhites for a lovely dessert called Eton Mess (easily google-able).

      1. Tonight I made a frittata with leftover ham, onions, asperegus with some non-leftover cheese. Other uses of the ham will be on biscuits, with some mac & cheese, in sandwiches [rye bread is rising now] and then the bits will be used for a deviled ham or perhaps in a bean soup. I will continue to eat the leftover gravlax with bagels or as part of a pasta dish.

        Somehow there are no leftover cookies.

        1. egg whites & almonds:
          - dacquoise
          - financieres
          - macarons

          egg whites:
          - egg white souffle
          - Dutch baby
          - angel food cake

          dried fruit:
          - chutney
          - granola
          - trail mix

          since the ham is dry, i'd use it in a soup.

          1. just made cheese steaks with leftover prime rib.Tomorrow the bones become stock. I have a couple of chunks of left over roasted potatoes. I see them ending up in breakfast tacos.

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                that is what I ended up making! I put a fried egg on top.