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Dec 26, 2010 05:29 PM

Citrus - Newest spot on Naples' 5th Avenue South

I dined at Citrus this week, and had deliciously prepared seafood.

It's sandwiched between Paddy Murphy’s Irish Pub and Bellini Bar on Naples’ 5th Avenue South.

I enjoyed the Cobia and the red snapper specials. Truly fresh fish comes in nearly every day from local fishermen. The chef truly knows how to cook seafood so it's tender and juicy, and his subtle spicing of sides is unique and well worth a taste. Pricing is medium, and gives better "bang for the buck" than other spots on the Avenue." You can make a meal on an appetizer and a drink if on a budget for $10, and have much better quality than at the discount meals down the way. Entrees range from $18 to 29.

I put a write up at:


It is a welcome reversal in the trend to cut prices, quality, and to open more pizza spots on 5th Avenue South.

455 5th Avenue South, 435-0408

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  1. Yeah, wow, they are open for lunch too!!! Spoke to Paula a few minutes ago on the phone...chicken and pear salad; lobster roll; lobster tower are all on the lunch menu among other goodies. Thank you for the happy news!