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want to put my new LC dutch oven to the test...what should I make?

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I just got a brand new LC 8 qt. dutch oven, what should I make to put it to the new test?

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  1. Run to your library and take out Molly Steven's "All About Braising" and pick any recipe in the book that fits your tastes and budget. I am particularly fond of her lamb shank and duck ragu recipes.

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      I second this recommendation. But if you want to do short ribs, Suzanne Goin's (from the Lucques menu) are better than any other I've tried.


      Also, root vegetables. They taste way better in a LC dutch oven than any other vessel. It's a fact. ;)

    2. I christened mine with julia's boeuf bourguignonne.

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        Tim is spot on - I made Tillamook's Mac and 5 Cheese's with king crab leg meat.

      2. Chili, short ribs, bolognese, brisket just to name a few.

        1. Ina Garten's Chicken with 40 Cloves of Garlic. Divine.

            1. The no-knead bread recipe from the NY Times. My husband makes his variation on it every two days.

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                I second this. What an amazing thing that bread is.

              2. first what color did you get? if it's written here, I didn't get that far, sorry.
                also, nice gift, someone appreciates you a ton.

                don't know what you like to eat but pulled pork or beef is a fun thing to use it for.
                here's what I do. oil in there, heat her up, season a tri tip well on all sides, when oil is hot put in, let it sear on one side well, then flip it over to other side to do the same. when that's all done, turn flame down, add your liquid of choice to cover the meat, cook on low heat covered with lid for 3 hours. let rest when done, then two forks and pull away.

                I use my well used and abused LC for my NYT's bread because the heat of the oven, getting it that hot to begin with before the dough even goes in, I'd not do, sorry escondido. Just my opinion but I think I'd use a different pot to begin with in making the NYT bread. like a corningware with lid.

                1. Roasted whole chicken. Rub crushed garlic, lemon zest and herbs under the skin, stuff with garlic and lemon wedges. Heaven.

                  1. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/7164...

                    this thread has a few more ideas, didn't know if you saw it or not

                    1. My first excursion would be a pot roast. Easy Squeezy. Guaranteed good. You can't go wrong.

                      After that maybe a chicken cacciatore, a swiss steak or Cook's Illustrated's Sunday gravy.

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                        I would suggest Bourdain's French Onion Soup.
                        What it does to the onions is so good, it should be illegal. You'll see.

                      2. I just made a batch of meat sauce in my LC that went into a lasagna. What amazes me time and time again about the LC's is how easy they clean up. The thing had been on the stove simmering with the sauce for about 2 hours...looked like a mess. When the sauce was done, the pot went right into the sink with hot water and some dish soap. 10 minutes later, the whole thing was sparkling again. Just saying I love LC!