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Dec 26, 2010 01:53 PM

China Bowl - Edison closed? says that it is closed.

I called them yesterday and no one answered.

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  1. I've been wondering about that. I drove by the building where they said that they were going to be and nothing was happening over there. That's sad news! I loved that place!

    1. They're moving down the street, allegedly across from Lou Rose.

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      1. re: chuck98

        Oh. Thanks for the updates.

        I have moved further away and haven't back in the past 6 months.

        I hope they start up again soon.

        1. re: ieee488

          No apparent activity down the street. I'm starting to get discouraged.

          1. re: chuck98

            Don't get discouraged. The location they are reported to have take over (the old Seasons restaurant) was in poor shape. It will take a long time to renovate.

            1. re: BigGeorge

              The place still looks like a wreck. The only change is that there is a sign that says China Bowl coming soon.

              1. re: BigGeorge

                "The place still looks like a wreck. The only change is that there is a sign that says China Bowl coming soon."

                That in itself is good news. I'm looking forward to it opening.

                1. re: BrianYarvin

                  Their facebook page says they should be open in a month or so, and will be serving mostly the same menu plus dim sum. That's great news.

                  1. re: chuck98

                    Excellent news!!!

                    Those inspectors can be a royal pain in the behind.

                    Can't wait for them to open, but are they going to have the same prices?

                    The new place seems snazzier than the old one.

                      1. re: BigGeorge

                        On the 7th according to their facebook page.

                        1. re: chuck98

                          Can't wait!
                          It has been too long of a wait.

                          Hope to be there some time next week.

      2. I drove by there last night - Grand Opening. Lots of balloons and cars.

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        1. re: helou

          Lunch was packed today. Looks like exactly the same menu as before, although they had a dim sum cart circulating.

          1. re: chuck98

            sweet. Do they still have the Roast Pork and Roast Duck hanging right up the store front?

            1. re: yCf

              Still hanging, but not in the window. They took over a standalone bar and grill, so the space is pretty different. I'm sort of baffled as to how they could afford to renovate for 2-3 years. Maybe there wasn't another tenant available so they didn't have to pay the mortgage until now?

            2. re: chuck98

              What is the address of the new location?

              1. re: joisey al

                1628-1630 route 27 Edison, Edison, NJ.
                1 (732) 572-7272
                11:00 am - 10:00 pm

                Facebook page:

                It's about a quarter of mile south off Rt 27 off it's old location/new Hmart. It's located in the north bound side of Rt 27.

          2. Has anybody been here yet? Please report back. :)

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            1. re: wench31

              Yes, I went on the opening day. The menu looks identical, although as I mentioned there was a dim sum cart circulating that they've never had before. The dim sum items I saw looked mostly the same as Wonder Seafood's, although I didn't look closely. The shrimp dumplings were identical. They were extremely busy and had the expected delays and hiccups, although nothing major. I tried to order the roast pork/bbq pig combo but ended up with the duck/chicken combo, which was pretty good.

              My next few trips will be something like this:

              tofu skin/tofu casserole (new? don't remember this)
              pork/pig doubleheader
              dim sum extravaganza

              They used to have a great beef stew casserole that was never on the menu. It's still not on the menu, but maybe they still make it.

              1. re: chuck98

                Went there today. I will say stay away for a month to let them all their issues first.

                Got there around 11:30 and their way too small parking lot is already full. There was a 15 minutes wait which was fine. However, once seated, the service was a disaster.

                We ordered three simple things - Roast Pork/Roast Duck combo rice, wonton noodle, and a beef congee. Wait almost 40 minutes for them. We are not the only one, a lot of people was waiting forever for their food. China Bowl is meant for a quick meal, so this is quite unacceptable. During our wait, the server keep bringing us stuff we did not order. And it happened quite a few times. Just total chaos.

                Anyway, the Chinese BBQ is probably still the best we can get in CNJ. The wonton noodle was not good; it used to be better. The wonton was poorly made and the soup base is just basically water. The minced beef congee was not up to standard either but was at least acceptable.

                The new space is definitely nicer than the old one but they really need work. As other poster has mentioned, they serve dim sum. The quality of dim sum was okay at best. I think they are stretching themselves too thin by serving dim sum. The old menu has plenty to offer already; they should just focus on that. The dim sum was totally unnecessary especially Wonder Seafood do it much better down the road.

                I will definitely be back but will wait for them to iron out their problems first.

                1. re: yCf

                  We went there for dinner on Thursday night around 8:30 pm and waited 15 mins for a table. We were a party of 3 and got sat at a large table. Thank goodness, there wasn't much of a wait after we were seated. I hate to share tables! :). My daughter ordered the beef with egg sauce over rice and loved it. It tasted the same as before. We also ordered stir fried bitter melon and liked it. Our last entree was fish, roast pig and tofu casserole. The casserole was missing the fish. We addressed the issue to our waiter and he had the kitchen rectify it. He came out with a full order of fish for us! Instead of getting 2 or 3 pieces in a casserole, he gave us a full plate! Nice! Even though it was near closing time, service was still uneven. There was a party of 6 that were seated before us and the kitchen lost their order. We got served before they did. The wait staff are all different and they all speak Mandarin. Not used to that because it used to be all Cantonese. Like you, I think I will wait a little before going back. Glad that they reopened. Brought back memories that I took my parents to the previous place.

                  1. re: wench31

                    The wait staff all speaking Mandarin instead of Cantonese is probably because there was an ownership change.

                    I hope that isn't a bad sign.

                    I loved the old China Bowl.

                    1. re: ieee488

                      I was there for lunch the other day, and was quite surprised by the chaos. I had been to their prior location a couple of times; it is certainly a much bigger place. People were circulating in the parking lot waiting for spots to open up, on a weekday no less..

                      There were definitely at least some Cantonese speaking waitstaff. My lunch companion, who used to frequent their old place, recognized a few staff members, but there were definitely new faces.

                      The staff seemed to be pretty stressed with the volume and they started a rudimentary numbering system for tables while I was there which wasn't working all too well.

                      Had brisket wonton noodles, companion had boat congee (pronounced pretty decent), and shared a roast pig/roast pork combination plate.

                      I thought the noodles were average, a bit soggy for my liking (though I am a stickler for firm, almost crunchy noodle texture); like ycf, thought the broth was kind of weak, and didn't have much depth of flavor. Brisket was ok, not particularly flavorful, probably could be more tender. Roast pig was pretty good, with crisp skin; was cut into larger pieces than expected. Roast pork was ok.

                      Hopefully, some of these issues are a function of trying to manage the high volume.

                      Will probably retry a bit later to see how things evolve.

                      1. re: chachalatte8

                        anyone been lately? Hopefully, the service problems have been solved by now.

                        1. re: yCf

                          I picked up my mom at the Edison train station on Black Friday.
                          Did some shopping at HMart.
                          Went to China Bowl at around 4:30pm.
                          Ordered 1/2 duck, beef chow fun, and Chinese egglant in Szechuan sauce(?).
                          All very delicious!
                          Next I will have to try there noodle soup.

                          1. re: ieee488

                            How's the service? Is it slow and unorganized? (Given you ate around 4:30, it shouldn't be).

                            1. re: yCf

                              There was about 2-3 tables when we got there. And then three other tables arrived after us.

                              Service wasn't disorganized, and food came out quickly.

                              I thought it would be more crowded than it was since many people have Black Friday off from work.