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Coffee Crisp

Does anyone know where to find Coffee Crisp chocolate bars? Ostrams drug store used to carry them, but I haven't seen them lately.

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  1. Canada. ;)

    Sorry, I know that was snarky. I guess I'm just jealous because we do actually have to go up to Canada to get them.

    1. I vaguely recall seeing them at the Metropolitan Market in Kirkland, along with a lot of other British snacks. I don't believe that the Sandpoint store has as many imported snacks so it might be a "Kirkland only" sort of thing. Probably best to call and ask before making the trek.

      1. Pacific Drugs at the corner of 1st and Marion. The manager prides himself on the large candy selection and I'm sure I've seen coffee crisp.

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          I was there this morning and can confirm that they have Coffee Crisp in stock. Not so with Zagnut, Turkish Taffy or Violet Crumble :^(

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            The Bartell's by the main library at 4th & Madison has an absurd (for a drugstore) selection of obscure and old-timey candies. Pretty sure I've seen Zagnut and Turkish Taffy there, along with Coffee Crisp.

            I've seen Violet Crumble at Cost Plus, though I haven't actually bought it (had it in NZ, it's not really my thing. Tim Tams on the other hand...)

        2. Cost Plus World Market has them. I bought a couple as stocking stuffers there last week.

          1. We actually order them by mail. It ends up being about $2 per bar, but they're so worth it.

            1. Katterman's Sand Point Pharmacy has a small supply as of this evening. I purchased one out of curiosity upon recalling this thread. Not sure what the appeal is, considering the confection really doesn't taste like coffee . . .

              1. Uwajimaya has them right near the counter.

                600 5th Ave S, Seattle, WA

                1. The Bartell's by Pacific Place (5th and Olive) has them as well. I was there a couple weeks ago buying candy to sneak into the theater and I, too, bought a coffee crisp upon recalling this thread. I haven't had one in a while and forgot how much I'd liked them before.