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Dec 26, 2010 11:24 AM

Sand in my sea scallops - Help.

What is the trick is the trick to getting the sand out of scallops. I made a seafood stew on Christmas Eve and it came out well but there was a slight grittiness I'd like to leave out. A friend of mine said you never rinse scallops. i have done it anyway and it didn't seem to help. Anyone have any ideas?

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  1. If a) your scallops are of the fresh live sort and b) scallops are anything like other bivalves (which I imagine they are) all you need to do is put them in clean water for about half an hour and let them filter for a while. As the suck in and spit out the water, the grit goes out with it. Some people do two rounds of soaking.

    If your scallops are already shucked then I don't think they should be gritty. Maybe try a more reputable retailer. I might be wrong about that...

    1. If the scallops are alive, Harold McGee ("On Food and Cooking") says to put them in a bucket of cold salt water (1/3 cup salt per gallon of water) for several hours to allow them to clean themselves. Fresh water will kill them. Go ahead and rinse already shucked scallops.

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        Ha. Good call on the salt water. Duh. Growing up we always used water straight from the ocean. That's best if it's an option, unless your local ocean water is super polluted.

      2. Rinse those suckers! Sand can lurk in the best of scallops, and the only way to get rid of it is to rinse.