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Dec 26, 2010 10:34 AM

Metroland's Best of 2010

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  1. FDR- Thanks for posting this, considering I neglected to pick up a copy Thursday. I kind of miss the old days when they had a "Critic's Pick" and a "People's Choice" or something to that effect. It was always interesting to see how the two lists correlated (or not) and how they reconciled with your own personal tastes. However, I think that their choices now are pretty good.

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    1. re: markabauman

      The Westchester post got me going . . .

      I agree. Cafe Capriccio, Creo' (IMHO, not sure how international), Grappa '72 and NWBB are all very good restaurants. I was suprised at the pizza choices and Stewart's ice cream (with all the chemicals listed on the label!). Also Tai Pan which is just okay. I don't eat red meat but I heard Oliver's has very good burgers.

      1. re: financialdistrictresident

        That's why I kind of liked the previous system, though that's not without flaws. If just readers vote, you can sort of get the "Zagat effect"- popularity not necessarily quality. But then certain places are popular, like Cafe Capriccio for good reason. If you have "experts" vote, you can get other biases. So, in the past, you might get a Stewart's as opposed to somewhere else that really has good, natural ice cream.

        1. re: markabauman

          I have found hounds on this Board to be the best system :)

          Thanks for all the great suggestions in 2010!