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Dec 26, 2010 10:06 AM

Any good non-Italian sausage in NH?

Anyone know of any sources of really good sausage in NH? Interesting stuff like bratwurst or weisswurst or boerewors, done right? Something more than the usual sweet or hot italian and linguini that seems to be all most grocery stores around here stock.

I know Noacks in CT would fill my needs, but they are a 3+ hour drive from here.

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  1. bewley recommended this place; Bartlett Street Superette in West Manchester is a Polish market that carries homemade kielbasa, great bacon and all sorts of deli. The Euro Deli on Amherst Street across from Walmart in Amherst has German sausages. In Nashua, Siberia Market is a resource, and Saigon Market, locations in both Manchester and Nashua, has interesting Laotian and Cambodian sausages.

    1. What about German John's in Hillsborough? Mostly a bakery but they also sell sausage and brats and stuff.

      1. Yankee Farmer's Market in Warner sells buffalo (breakfast, dinner, and a nice summer sausage) and lamb sausages; they do mail order and have a store at the farm. I live in CT, so have only done the mail order, but have never been disappointed with anything of theirs.

        1. The Meat House stores carry some good sausages. Sorry, I can't recall the varieties, but I have had some delicious non-Italian types from them in the past.

          1. There is my go-to Polish market on 110 in Haverhill ma near the Merrimack boarder. Wally's veg/fruit stand. The best Blue Seal brand. Worth the trip! While you are in the area you can hit Salisbury Beach for some Lee Hunt's clams and o-rings!