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Dec 26, 2010 09:53 AM

Patio Delray

Patio Delray is off the beaten path, but worth the visit. Food is absolutely delicious. It is on Palm Trail, about 1 mile north of Atlantic Ave.and right by the George Bush intracoastal bridge. If you want to escape the crowds on Atlantic Ave. and have far superior food than most places on the Ave., then you need to try this lovely restaurant owned by a husband and wife team.

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  1. I had a really good experience here too. Great patio and really good food and drinks. Not as manic as downtown DRB . Their short ribs are incredible and their blue cheese wedge salad is to die for.

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    1. re: 4ZFood

      I wish them well. Of course that is a tough location a bit off the beaten path.

      But the other thing I am concerned about is their advertising/marketing. What is their identity? How are they unique or better than other nearby establishments?

      I recently received a mass-mailing 5x7 color postcard (I live within a mile). It struck me as... not very enticiing.

      A number of full color photos show the interior (empty and in daylight, not bustling with delighted diners in evening lighting). Tables are set with fine china and white tableclothes, and the wood chairs look expensive. Yet the name is "Patio Delray" implying casual.

      There are two photos of food, one looks to be a steak (but not sure), the other strawberry ice cream. OK so that covers the graphics. It looks to be an upscale and perhaps stodgy place but I am not sure at this point.

      How about the text? What sort of place is this?

      "Patio Delray - Eat Drink Relax."
      "Live music Friday and Saturday"
      "Perfect for Birthdays... we also cater"

      That's about it.

      Nothing about "Best steaks in town" or "Casual Caribbean seafood" or "Gourmet Continental at Affordable Prices" or anything else that makes me interested or curious to come.

      Next time they do this or any other marketing, I suggest they think about answering these two questions in the copy (text):

      "People should try out Patio Delray because ______"

      "Patio Delray is different from other local restaurants because ______"

      1. re: CFByrne

        Your thoughts are so spot on. I find their entire venture lacking creative vision and insulting to the public's intelligence. A lot of tooting about how great everything is but "show me the money"! What's really so special about this place? What's with the cheesy sign on the corner? It looks like a cheap dive...

        1. re: CFByrne

          Hi CFByrne,
          Thanks a lot for your post. It addresses the point where our restaurant still lacks a lot of work.
          My wife believes that good food speaks for itself. And for the most part I agree with her.
          The marketing/branding seems to be in my hands.
          Beeing a pilot/aircraft mechanic I am quite a newbie in the field I am afraid.
          Therefore your post was extremely helpful for me and very appreciated.

          Please ask for me (Dirk) when you come in and let me by you a drink!

          I promised myself to take more time out of my other two jobs :-( and get us better graphics, logo etc.

          Greetings and happy new Year

          1. re: arnibarbulla

            Wish we had seen this when we were just in Delray! (I hope to be back soon).

            If you are interested in what people think of your restaurant.....start reading "Yelp!". And if people comment favorably, ask them to post their good feelings on "Yelp!" . It is an invaluable marketing tool (and great to peruse if one is looking for food, services, etc.)

            Good luck with your venture.

          2. re: CFByrne

            Also any quick credentials would be help. "Sun Sentinel calls it "The new star in Delray" or "CIA-trained chef Joe Smith presents..."

            Good luck!

        2. Went to patio delray today for the brunch. Nice place good service and Miss Lilly could not have been been nicer. I had the Creole Bennie super good Nice crayfish and chorizo cake with perfect poached eggs and bacon infused hollindase sauce with purple potato hash with bacon . Yummie beyond yummie. I would say the place is worth a try the Lunch menu online is not the entire menu. the atmosphere and decoration is very relaxing and the patio is very comfortable not crowding like sometimes downtown delray can be. give it go