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Dec 26, 2010 08:27 AM

Amazing things to do with my homemade ricotta

Please give me your favorite uses for this marvelous food of which I just made a big batch. I am interested in things other than lasagna, stuffed pastas, calzones.
Two of my favorites are Smitten Kitchens lemon ricotta pancakes and coffee ricotta mousse.
What do you love?

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  1. Mmm...homemade ricotta is a rather wonderful thing! Other than stuffed pasta I love using it in cannoli with pistachios. And it is amazing spread on grilled rustic bread onto which you scatter toasted pecans and drizzle with chestnut honey and fresh green olive oil. It's also great mixed with an excellent olive oil and just served as a condiment. Mushroom tart with ricotta and puff pastry (or even phyllo) is another yummy idea. Lemon ricotta pancakes are also very good.

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      Was just going to suggest cannoli. Yum!!!

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        Yes, I love it spread on bread or as a tart filling. Top with roasted cherry tomatoes and fresh pesto, it's food of the Gods! It also makes a very nice pasta sauce if you toss it with hot pasta and enough pasta cooking water to thin it a bit, plus whatever other ingredients you like to flavor it.

      2. Ricotta pie, which is like cheesecake, except different.

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          Oh yeah, I love sicilian cheesecake, for a dessert, or ricotta pie, for a savory dish. Good thought!

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            Man, I knew I was forgetting something major! GNUDI! Hotoynoodle, that looks like a killer recipe. I was going to make gnudi this week anyway so will definitely be making this.

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              i've made them a few times and wow are they good. i have also folded in extremely well drained chopped spinach and those look more appealing on the plate.

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                It truly looks like one of the best gnudi recipes I've seen and I've seen tons. I cannot wait! I imagine spinach would be wonderful, as would a bit of arugula. Hmmm...there are so many delicious possibilities. Thanks for sharing!

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                Made these for dinner for 9 last night, and they were fantastic! I put them together the night before, and just pulled them out of the fridge and tossed them about 6 at a time into the boiling water. They were cooked in a flash and a huge hit! The burying in semolina thing is pure genius. I will definitely be playing with new ingredients for this technique.

              3. +1 on all the suggestions so far, plus *straight up* for breakfast, drizzled with a little agave or maple syrup and sprinkled with chopped toasted nuts (and maybe a little cinnamon). mmm....

                1. Since berries are in season, this whipped ricotta with honey is refreshing in the heat.


                  For savory, I love torta rustica:


                  I vary the type of crust and the filling but a good ricotta makes all the difference.