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Dec 26, 2010 07:55 AM

Maxim's Chinese Hot Pot Buffet

Last night (Christmas) after seeing the long lines at First Chinese BBQ and all our other favorite Chinese and Vietnamese restaurants, we turned ourselves away and finally ended up at Maxim's.
Although you could order off the menu, apparently no body was doing that. The big thing there was their, Hot Pot Buffet.
They brought us a large divided hot pot of soup and we proceeded to add everything under the sun. The buffet included uncooked blue crabs, clams, and huge head on shrimp to very thin sliced beef, pork and lamb. There was also huge green mussels and snow crab legs.
A large assortment of beautiful green veggies, sprouts, tofu, and every noodle style in the world was also available. They had, shrimp balls, fish balls, and even, Vietnamese style meatballs. Plus, desserts and a lot more I can't remember now.
All for $15.50 a person plus tax.
As this was my first hot pot buffet, could anyone tell me where (in Dallas, Richardson and Garland) I would find a similar hot pot buffet you would consider equal to or, better than Maxim's?

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  1. I haven't seen that before at Maxim and guessing it could be something special they do for the holidays. Sounds pretty spectacular. I do know for sure that Sichuanese does a spicy Sichuan style hot pot around this time of the year.

    1. Le's Hot Pot in Arlington is a buffet hot pot of the Vietnamese variety

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        Royal Sichuan does the traditional sichuan style mala hotpot. It is an off menu item--well, rather there is a secret chinese-only menu containing the meats/vegetables available for the hotpot. It is not a buffet per-se but you get a huge platter of raw ingredients to cook in the hotpot. Fish, pork, beef, shrimp, pork blood, noodles, spinach, cabbage, etc etc. Since I'm not Chinese and only speak broken mandarin I had to fight for months to get to have it. It is only available Monday-Thursday FYI.

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            They will do it on the weekends if you specially request it during the week. They also have their super secret hot pot with blood sausage.