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Grocery Shopping in Maui

We are taking a 7 night family vacation to Kapalua in February. Since we will be staying in a condo with a kitchen, we plan to make many of our meals.

We fly into Kahului airport, and ideally we would do a grocery shop on the way to Kapalua. Could folks please give me a recommendation on where we should do our grocery shopping?

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  1. There is a Costco in Kahului where you can get everything you can buy at Costco on the mainland, along with an in-store selection of beer and wine. We stock up there on cereal, milk, bagels, fruit, peanut butter, snacks, sun screen, meats, and POG. The car is usually packed with kids, food, and bags on our drive to Napili. Aside from that, you can shop at the Star Market (I think it's called) in Honokowai, just north of Lahaina. During our stay, we shop at Napili Market but it is definitely more expensive. We usually go to the flea market in Kahului on Saturday morning so we hit Costco again.

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      Star is now called Times. I second the Costco and Napili Market recommendations. Am in Napili now and will be making a Market run tonight.

    2. The Costco is directly across the street from Kahului airport and prices at the Safeway and other grocery stores are very expensive, so I would advise hitting up the Costco which we do at when we do the condo scene in Napili..
      Best ahi poke is at Foodland..

      1. Thanks for the recommendations. I guess it's time to update my Costco membership.

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          If you shop at Safeway, sign up for a "customer card" (or something like that) which gives you the discounts which are unavailable without the card.

        2. Foodland is also very good, can't beat the poke there. You can also get an affinity card from them as well. Safeway or any of it's subsidiaries also takes their store cards. Costco usually has good prices on fish, if you're only staying a week, don't get real crazy buying everything in bulk there. Also a good farmer's market in Honokowai

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            If you're interested there's a Whole Foods in the Maui Mall near the "big" movie theater in Kahului, but like others have said, most things can be purchased at Costco or Market Times.

          2. Depending on the time of your arrival, there's a Costco in Kahului, a Safeway and Foodland in Lahaina, a Times Market in Honokowai, and the Napili Market in, of course, Napili.

            1. It's hard to predict what you'll find in the condo's cupboards, but I've always found it in handy to bring with me small quantities of tea bags, sugar packets, and even those small containers of honey and jams/jellies in separate ziploc bags

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                Also, if you're a coffee drinker, don't forget filters. I don't believe most condos keep filters.

                And by the way, in my opinion, Maui coffee is better than Kona coffee. There's a great place to get Maui Coffee right by the smoke stack in Lahaina. Pretty expensive, but very good. They have a bunch of samples all the time too so you can sample before you buy.

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                  I second the vote for Maui coffee. It's gotten better over the years and it's slightly cheaper than Kona coffee. For sure bring the spices/seasonings you like with you. They're extremely expensive on island. It's fun to see what other people are using when you first get to your condo, some is stuff I'd never buy or use.

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                    Yes, we always stop on our way from the Airport to buy their coffee. I like the 'Lava Flow' best. www.mauigrowncoffee.com

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                  Better be checking luggage if you want to bring jams and jellies ... when I check luggage I also bring my best chef's knife and a steel, because I hate to cook with lousy knives.

                  The last issue of Hawaii magazine had a great listing for "foodie" tours of farms in Maui.

                3. There's a little natural food store in Honokowai on the lower Honoapiiliani Road. They have some delicious spreads like carrot/cashew, tofu egg salad, macadamia pesto, and several others that I can't remember right now... They have a sort of "farmers market" there a couple of days a week, They are generous with samples. Fresh coconut bagels, and the like are good too. They have prepared hot foods as well as a salad bar. Really nice people in a locally owned shop.

                  There's a Mexican market there too - small but you can get things there that I've not seen on Maui anywhere else.

                  In the same little strip there is a "Bad Ass Coffee Co." shop - very good but what makes it special is the woman who runs it - I believe her name is Mako. We always bring her groceries at the end of our stay as Costco shopping means that even after 2 weeks you may have a bunch of things you couldn't use up. I'd rather give them to her than just leave them in the condo... But that's just me. We always stay within walking distance of this shop so we go in for an iced coffee drink almost every day.