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calling all MTL Chocolate connoisseurs

where can I find the best chocolates in town? my go-to as of late has been les douceurs du marche, how about YOU?

merry xmas hounders!

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  1. see this thread ... it revolves around 2, 3 places, Chloé, Grandbois and suite88, and other smaller shops.


    1. My personal favorites for taste and quality are Le Maitre Chocolatier, corner Sherbrooke & Guy and Gendron. Gendron does not have a shop, but you may contact them directly at 450-646-6001. You may also want to check out their facebook page:


      1. My favorites are Maitre Chocolatier and Chocolats de Chloe, in that order.

        1. has anyone tried the fancy swiss place on sherbrooke in westmount? they closed for a flood--demi-sous-sol location--and have now re-opened? j'ai leché la vitrine mais jamais gouter

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            Swiss Master Chocolatier? I have - they were quite good but not extraordinary.

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              yep, that's the one. i did see the price list thru the window--i think it's 5.95 for a single one, so thanks. at that price they darn well better be extraordinary!

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                Have you tried Briimstone Chocolates at 5879 Sherbrooke W. in NDG? Really excellent, fresh handmade chocolates & fudge.


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                  What do you like there(specific chocolates or fudges)? I just heard about them recently.

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                    I haven't tried enough different chocolates there to get really specific with recommendations, but everything I've had has been good, including truffles (I forget what specific kinds I had), butter pecan fudge and 64% bittersweet baking chocolate.

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                  I think you're wrong with the price. I got several of their chocolates. If it was that expensive, I would of noticed.

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                    really? great! they're so gorgeous, would love to try.
                    i did try brimstone over the summer. nice place!

            2. I'm currently on the Francois Payard chocolates from NYC.

              1. For connoisseures of chocolates, definitely Douceurs du Marche (Atwater Market) and Les Chocolats de Chloe (546 Duluth) are the best places in Montreal.