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Dec 25, 2010 05:39 PM

Hangover Breakfast outside Dublin Airport

We're flying into DUB from BOS in March, picking up a car and heading north to Newgrange and environs for our first day, overnighting in Trim. We'll have hardly slept and will need plenty of good coffee and a decent meal. (No, we won't actually be hungover, but I am sure we'll feel like it.)

My assumption about terrible food at DUB has been confirmed here. Is there any decent place to get a good breaky and cup or four of coffee? We're happy to go out of our way/off the main route for a little scenery and some solace.

Oh, and if you know of a good dinner in Trim, that would be of interest as well. TIA

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  1. Are you flying into the new Terminal 2 at Dublin? I can't imagine that this new showcase of modern aviation wouldn't have at least one decent place for breakfast. Unfortunately, many of the better choices in airports are often post-security and might not be available.

    Why don't you ask your doctor for some Restoril? It's a very mild sleeping pill that doesn't make one groggy and I've been using them for years when flying to Europe (before I lived here and now for flights home). You'll sleep at least 3-4 hours and feel better than you would otherwise. :-)