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Dec 25, 2010 02:59 PM

The best cuban sandwich...Wheres it at?

Ive read previous posts but noone really came together in support of one place.

heres a list i came up with
little havanas
el nuevo siglo
latin american cafeteria (the new one on coral way)

Which of these do you think is the best, or do you have a different suggestion?
Whatever place gets the most votes i will be going to when I fly down in january

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  1. All of the places that you've listed all have very good cuban sandwiches. Why? It's a very traditional sandwich and the places you've listed will all stay very close to the traditional make-up of a cuban sandwich. So no matter where you decide to'll get a very good sandwich. I would say go to Versailles simply because it's a landmark establishment right on "Calle Ocho" and it has an interesting vibe. But you can get a nice cuban sandwhich on 5,000 different street corners in Miami, Hialeah, Little Havana and beyond......

    Ft. Pierce, FL

    Little Havana Restaurant
    12727 Biscayne Blvd, North Miami, FL 33181

    1. Here's a list I put together which is not limited exclusively to the traditional Sandwich Cubano:

      I've not been to the new Latin American Cafe on Coral Way, but the Luis Galindo's on 57th Ave. might be my first choice.