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What's your latest food project?

Good chinses options near Vienna? oakton, fairfax, annandale, mclean

lisadc01 Dec 25, 2010 01:27 PM

Please help- our kids love teh chopsticks and we like going out to eat to food I don;t dominate in cooking- but Wu's was eh (no taste?- super quiet but kid friendly for the 3 or us there).

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    lisadc01 Dec 28, 2010 05:03 AM

    Thanks so much! we'll try east chateau first since it's closest, then move on to House of Fortune.. then Xo (I am going by closest to furthest,..)- thanks again!

    House of Fortune
    11401 Woodglen Dr, Rockville, MD 20852

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      Indy 67 Dec 25, 2010 05:01 PM

      House of Fortune in McLean opened about 30 years ago and we used to love the place. Over time, the food went downhill and we stopped going for well over a decade. Last year, someone on this board alerted me to the fact that the restaurant has a new chef who is doing Taiwanese beef noodle soup, one of my favorites after a trip to Taiwan. I'm not sure I've got the details correct, but the original chef seems to be back in the kitchen, this time as a part owner.

      We've enjoyed several meals there. We usually order off the Chinese menu, except that we're dependent on the recommendations of the wait staff since that menu is entirely in Chinese. Some of the dishes from the Chinese menu are included in the English language menu. Specifically, the Taiwanese soup is called Sichuan Noodle Soup.

      Incidentally, the Taiwanese soup serves 4-5 generous portions with plenty of meat and noodles in each portion. If you're only a group of three, you won't be able to order too many other dishes. Don't plan on taking the noodle soup home; it's a disaster the next day. The noodles sit in the broth and absorb so much liquid they turn to mush. Also, the chile peppers seem to bloom, but some folks may like that.

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        Indy 67 Dec 26, 2010 01:29 AM

        One more thought: The Americanized Chinese food at House of Fortune is tasty too. Frankly, there are times when General Tso's chicken or Moo Shu Pork is just what I crave.

        1. re: Indy 67
          Ziv Dec 26, 2010 06:48 AM

          Indy, I laughed when you mentioned that Americanized Chinese food hits a spot! My girlfriend used to order moo shu pork all the time and now I find I kind of miss it if I don't have it from time to time.

          I have had fairly good Cantonese food at XO Taste, tho it is kind of hit and miss on the service. The congees are good, the duck is excellent, the fried fish was good, the oyster with black bean sauce was excellent.

          1. re: Ziv
            Indy 67 Dec 26, 2010 07:34 AM

            I love XO Taste, but I was trying to stick to the OP's geographic boundaries.

            For a while, I was hearing criticisms about XO Taste, but recent posts from regulars on this board have been positive recently.

            1. re: Indy 67
              dpan Dec 26, 2010 08:08 AM

              We went to XO Taste a few months back. Maybe it was an off night, but the food was meh. Or maybe everything seemed meh after a meal at Grace Garden. I've been going a lot lately to Cheong Wong in Fair Lakes (inside the Malibu Grill). It's been consistently good the last 4 visits.

              Grace Garden
              1690 Annapolis Rd, Odenton, MD

              1. re: dpan
                chowser Dec 26, 2010 01:44 PM

                It's surprising to find that place in the Malibu Grill. It's good solid Cantonese food. The deep fried tofu in crab sauce is one of my favorites. They have a great steamed chicken which my FIL says is specially ordered and can't be purchased easily. I wonder why the owner doesn't just ditch the Malibu Grill side.

                Malibu Grill
                5715 Columbia Pike, Falls Church, VA 22041

                1. re: chowser
                  dpan Dec 26, 2010 02:42 PM

                  The steamed chicken is a specialty that almost all the customers order. Really well made IMHO. They appear to do enough business on the Malibu Grill side so that it's smart business sense to keep both operating simultaneously. They also do a really good job with the Beef Chow Fun.

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        MikeR Dec 25, 2010 04:14 PM

        I've been pretty happy with East Chateau for simple Chinese. It's in the same strip as Magruder's. Their crispy beef is excellent if you ask them not to make it too sweet.

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