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Dec 25, 2010 12:17 PM

Dining in Buckhead

I'd like to get some advice on restaurants within a 10 to15 minute drive from the Ritz Carlton in Buckhead. There will be a 5 year old child traveling with us, so nothing too fancy. I had been to the Buckhead Diner many years ago and enjoyed it but am looking for other options. I enjoy Italian and Mexican if there are any in the area, but would also love Southern cuisine. Any where from $30 to $40 per person would be acceptable.

Buckhead Diner
3073 Piedmont Road Northeast Atlanta, GA, Atlanta, GA 30305

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  1. i like Anis, french and Tabletops,more of a family spot,very good food,very close to the Ritz

    1. Verde Taqueria is not too far away in Brookhaven and is very family friendly.

      For some kitschy Southern you could try The Colonnade on Cheshire Bridge.

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        While we're on the subject of Buckhead, how is the new Flip location?

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          Parking isn't as bad as it looks, but the restaurant is TINY so expect to wait any day of the week for dinner. But the good news is if you bail out on waiting, Marcello's pizza is right there (my fav. pizza in Buckhead) and Zoe's Kitchen just opened so you have alternative options for a quick substitute.

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            Better places - Bricktops, Atlanta Pizza

        2. Holman & Finch is one of my favorite restaurants in the country. Fantastic food with a focus on local sourcing. They also make killer cocktails and have a very extensive spirits list.

          1. I have little kids and live in the area so happy to suggest some family friendly spots;
            -Buckhead Diner is still a great time for kids, along with Atlanta Fish Market (same group) and now has a huge jelly fish tank that should help keep your little one entertained.
            -Flip at Chastain is certainly kid friendly, but my family wasn't "wowed" by the place & while the krispy kream dounuts milkshake tasted just like their dounuts, my kids thought it was too sweet! In that same parking lot, a frozen yoguart spot kids love!
            -Just around the corner from Flip is Horseraddish Grill. A terrific southern restaurant that really is reflective of Atlanta, and very children friendly (milk, cookies, kids meal) and fine dining for you. Walk around the organic gardens while you wait on your meal.
            -A nice little walk from your hotel is Maggiano's and Corner Bakery. Perfect for you and kids. Corner Bakery is cafeteria style for breakfast or lunch. Maggiano's is a chain, but is close, kid friendly and pretty good. That's your easiest Italian.
            -If your little one can sit for a while, Bone's is a fantastic steak restaurant, many, many mentions on this board, but all depends on how good a 5 year old can be at dinner.
            -If more casual is needed, Aja is right by your hotel and offers a children's menu, with sushi and asian dishes for you, but food is nothing special. That being said, sometimes just being in a restaurant (not chuck e cheese) and having a bar makes all the difference! Same group has Twist across the street from your hotel, but very loud at night.
            -My children's very favorite is Chick-fil-a. All over town and just a fantastic fast food spot that serves only chicken and the kids can't get enough! Most have those dreadful playgrounds too so your little one can burn off some energy.
            -Last suggestion, if my kids could choose dinner every night, they would pick Houston's. Does have a kids menu but you have to insist, nobody offers it up. Good consistent food and a bar, Lenox location right by your hotel, although West Paces location is more kids friendly.

            Atlanta Fish Market
            265 Pharr Road, NE, Atlanta, GA 30305