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Dec 25, 2010 10:40 AM

What should I do with my Kitchenaid mixer!

Poor me, my husband and stepsons got me a Kitchenaid mixer, a kitchen torch, Kevlar gloves, and a microplane. I am not trying to brag but simply awed by their thoughtfulness (I didn't ask for any of these things) and also not sure what I should make first!!!
What do you like to do with your mixer?
And what do you like to use your kitchen torch for besides creme brûlée?!

Merry Christmas Hounds!!!

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  1. im actually super jealous of the kevlar glove!! i asked for one but parents didnt know where to look :-/

    anyways, what CANT you make now is the better question i think! what about baked alaska? could use the torch to toast the outside really quick! ive also seen it used for crisping skin on things like fish and stuff, or a quick brulee of things like figs and stone fruits

    1. wow, someone must have been VERY good this year ;)

      - meringue
      - marshmallows
      - buttercream
      - 7-minute icing
      - mousse
      - cakes/cupcakes/brownies
      - bread dough
      - pasta dough
      - souffle

      - brown marshmallows for s'mores
      - crisp fish skin
      - brown/crust scallops
      - char peppers or tomatoes
      - light flaming desserts (Bananas Foster et al)
      - melt cheese or brown crumb topping on gratin, onion soup, crostini

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      1. re: goodhealthgourmet

        Mixer: Cookies!
        and real whipped cream.

        I have been considering pizza and bread dough once I get over my fear of yeast.

        DIL inherited a mixer and attachments but had them packed away. Last summer she used my Cuisinart food processor to shred lots of zucchini to make relish. She makes a great relish. She said she dug out the shredding attachment to her Kitchen Aid so she can use that instead.

      2. On New Years Eve, make up a batch of cinnamon rolls or sticky buns. Refrigerate before baking. In the morning, bake hot fresh cinnamon rolls and your husband and stepsons will be in heaven.

        1. I love that cinnamon rolls idea! I second the real whipped cream - so easy in a kitchenaid! I would make a cake from scratch (that was the first thing I made when I got mine).

          To get over a fear of yeast - try a pita bread recipe (Greek style). I was in heaven when I mastered that in the kitchenaid, no more bread maker for me (it has now been relegated to making jam). I just love watching that dough knead in the machine!