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Dec 25, 2010 08:54 AM

don't have a decanter...

i got this wine chasseur pinot noir 2007. from what i read online i should probably pour this wine into a decanter for a few hours but problem is that i don't have one. it's christmas day and no one is open. can i just open the wine and leave it uncorked for a few hours? should i pour it into a glass bowl? any suggestions?

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  1. A well-washed, dry and odor-free coffee-maker carafe should work.

    1. I'm assuming that you are decanting to allow the wine to open up and not to remove sediment so I'd suggest a vigorous pour into clean pitcher and then pouring the wine back into the bottle.

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        vigorous, so it aerates? sorry for such basic questions. i like wine but clearly a novice and may be novice for the rest of my life.

      2. Any clean container with a larger surface area exposed to air than a bottle - bowl, jug, vase, whatever.

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          But not metallic, please.

        2. At a local steakhouse on a busy holiday night they had no decanters and were too short on their regular stemware to provide a second glass for each of us to allow one of our wines to sit and breathe. I asked them to bring two of the @ 16oz canning/jelly jars that the water is served in and split the bottle between the two. Worked just fine.

          1. Next year ask Santa for a Vinturi:


            I like the glass bowl idea. What did you end up doing?

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              I was looking at those!
              Doesn't splash decanting/double decanting work just as well though? Is there something about the Vinturi that makes it different...or is it just "faster"?

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                I've had wines poured through the Venturi (some nice Paul Hobbs SV PN's), and it did harm the wines in any way. As my host had set this up, there was not "control" to test against, and hence, I cannot tell you if the device "improved" anything.

                I was gifted one, so I should do the control, and then I'd know, but I have not taken mine out of the box yet... At least it did not harm those Hobbs' PN's, so even if it does not do, as claimed, at least it's benign. Gotta' test, since I am not in the air, until February. Will report, and maybe try it out with some winos on New Year's Eve?


                PS - I usually have a clean, empty 0.75 around, and would think that one could pour from the bottle, into another, and back, and get the aeration, they want. As I have 16 decanters, by last count, I have never used one of those "trophy" bottles in that role.


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                i ended up pouring the wine into a glass pyrex measuring cup. let it sit for about an hour. it tasted great and certainly more flavorful than when i first opened the bottle. i think i now get the whole decanting thing.