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Dec 25, 2010 08:00 AM

GE Cafe Gas Range - a review!

After months of looking around and reading reviews, et al I finally decided to get the all-gas GE Cafe range. I didn't get dual-fuel as I didn't want to have to get a 220 electric line put in, so I went with all gas.....

I just got it about 2 weeks ago and so far, so good! Did my Christmas baking with, I've never had convection before, so I'm still getting used to it. I had some troubles with the timing of my baked goods as for some reason, I thought they'd cook quicker. While they didn't cook faster, my cookies weren't burnt on the bottom & evenly golden! I love the 3 oven racks and they slide very smoothly.

So far, no problems with the knobs...they do get a bit warm, but not too hot to the touch. They are steel. No problems thus far with the collars either. Tried out the center burner with the griddle this weekend and the pancakes turned out great! The "high" setting on the burners is truly "high"! Glanced away from some condensed milk for fudge and it almost scorched in a couple of seconds.

As for how it looks, I just love it - definitely no issues with that! LOL As I use it more for various things, I'll post about them....Thanks again to Flourgirl for posting her review - helped me make up my mind!

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  1. Hey Jens,

    Thanks for the report. It's really appreciated when folks follow up on ther queries -- I know I always try to do that

    Just for your info, I have a GE elec convection range which I love, and it compensates by dropping the temp 25deg from what you've set automatically. So if a recipe calls for 350, I enter 350, the display flashed 350, then 325 convection and it cooks at the lower temp at pretty much the lower end of the time given in the recipe.

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    1. re: junescook

      Mine does that too....had to read the instructions to realize that! But for some reason, I thought with convection it baked quicker.....not so, but my cookies did bake more evenly....nice & golden!

    2. I purchased a GE JGB300 all-gas (I have propane for it) range a couple of months ago, after my 3 year old electric glass top died suddenly and irreparably- at least financially feasibly irreparably- due to electronic controls shorting out and burning up (second electric glass top to die in same manner). High end brands like Blue Star, Viking, etc, were not in the running due to budget limitations.

      The JGB300 model does not have convection. (My previous electric did). 2 months later and 2 times being the "holiday" cook- translate cooking marathon- I have to say, I love this range and have no regrets. I am SO glad I made the switch from electric to gas. And the gas oven on this range cooks better than my electric one ever did (which I wondered about, as "conventional" information seems to indicate that electric ovens cook more evenly). This model has a minimum of electronic controls (part of my purchasing criteria).

      Time will tell on the longevity issue, but so far, I love it. No regrets.

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      1. re: eliz553


        We are looking at that EXACT unit.

        Now that you've had it for a few months, can you comment on how you like it?

        I'm drawn to the apparent ease of cleaning..the burners come off right to the stove surface.

        Also like the ability to drop in a griddle on the oblong middle burner...though I'm put off by the $150 pricetag of the cast iron option.

        Any feedback you can provide will be appreciated.

      2. Hello all!
        Have just purchased a GE Cafe Gas Range, but delivery won't be for some time. Am hearing from some comments on the 'net, that the lower oven is only good as a warming drawer. According to the specs, a 110V power source is required. Salesperson said it was for the convection fan only. Now am hearing that it also runs the lower oven. Please, could you let me know if you have had good success baking in the lower oven. I would like to know if I can use it to prepare an actual meal, as that is the intended purpose for buying a double oven range. I am confused as some are saying that the lower oven is not gas at all, but electric. We are a small family, and want to use the bottom to bake pies and lasagna, etc, not just warm stuff up.

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        1. re: VivaLaFrance

          See my reply in the other thread: bottom line is that it IS an oven, it IS electric, and it does bake things, but if you peek at them too often you might have uneven heating.

          1. re: VivaLaFrance

            I haven't actually used the lower oven yet.....but it is electric only and I had a dedicated circuit breaker put in my panel for it. So my Cafe plugs into a regular outlet but it's the only thing on the circuit.....

          2. You're very welcome, I'm glad you're happy with it so far. :)

            1. Hi Jens,
              We had all but decided on purchasing the GE cafe dual fuel range but have some hesitation over the stainless steel surface for clean up. We have never had it before and hear it is more work than enamel. We are not serious cooks but are are admittedly messy. How have you found it? Any thoughts for others on this topic would be welcome as well.

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              1. re: kpaq

                One of the reasons I bought this range was precisely because it's NOT enamel. I had an enamel-topped range before this and HATED it. I thought it was a total bear to keep clean, whereas this range is very easy to keep clean. One caveat may be that those who find it difficult to keep clean are those who are anal about scratches. I am not one of those people. I'm perfectly fine with the surface acquiring a patina, as long as it's clean.

                1. re: kpaq

                  So far haven't had a problem keeping it clean.....we've been laying on top of the extra burners (unused at the time of cooking) cookie sheets to prevent splattering.....

                  Otherwise, we've used WD40 and a soft cloth and it's cleaned up great!!

                  1. re: jenscats5

                    I hope you're wearing gloves when using WD40--it's got benzine in it--please don't be cavalier about it. Nasty stuff. Don't breathe or contanimate food stuffs.

                    1. re: toodie jane

                      Appreciate the concern, but it's strictly a polishing agent - a very small amount on a soft cloth is all that is needed. Keeps the "new" look.

                      1. re: jenscats5

                        Oh my goodness. Please read the MSDS on WD40. It is not meant, under any circumstances, to be used in or around food preparation. It is a serious air pollutant, to boot. Rethink! Rethink!