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Dec 25, 2010 07:47 AM

Greenville NC Christmas Day: Any restaurants open?

Anyone know specifically if Golden Corral operates on Christmas Day? I tried calling there and I get no answer. But I am willing to forgo Golden Corral and go to another restaurant.

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  1. Hope this isn't too late -- DragonFly (next to BestBuy), Grand China Buffet (former Kroger plaza), and IHOP are all open, and all doing well. We ate lunch at Dragonfly and there were several large parties there at noon. Golden Corral is defintely closed today.

    1. I was just out and got takeout from China King. Supermercado El Rancho was also open- they have a taqueria inside which I assume would also be open. A lot of the Chinese places seem to be open this year.