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Are you making a specialty food?

Lunch and Dinner in the Philly

Heatherb Dec 25, 2010 07:09 AM

Planning a trip to Philly, and I've been browsing the board trying to find something, since I'm the trip planner (I'm bad at it, but better at it than my friends). But it's an awful lot of information to process, the restaurant lineup seems to change regularly, and I'm having trouble visualizing the layout of the city, frankly. So I'm tossing out a plea to the Chowhounders in Philly for their recommendations.

It will be 3 thirty-something women who are basically the direct opposite of the characters in Sex and the City, and we're taking the train in from West Trenton. We're kind of looking to indulge as one of us is rarely in the area, but we don't want to go anywhere that jeans would be out of place. We'll probably start out in Old City and then work our way across to the Rodin museum. We'd like to stop at Reading Terminal Market as well (I'm thinking we do that as one of our last stops maybe?), but I don't know that we'd like to eat there - maybe just to shop before we catch the train?

In any case, we'll be planning on lunch as soon as or shortly after we get there (right around noon) and we'll probably be heading from the Market East station to Old City. We prefer pubs with above-average food and bistro type places. We don't want to go to a BYOB or an Italian restaurant (we have plenty of both in our hometown). And one of us is a vegetarian.

We probably won't drink at dinner, so a BYOB would be fine then, and we'll be eating WAY early (like 4:30/5 pm) and coming back across the city from the Rodin Museum (hopefully with a stop at Reading Terminal Market if I've got the layout in my head correct).

I don't expect anybody to plan our trip or anything, but if our jumble of criteria fit a place off the top of your head, I'd love some ideas.

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    InSearchOfTacos Dec 25, 2010 07:31 AM

    hmm zahav comes to mind- it's my favorite casual place to indulge a bit, as the food is awesome and atmosphere is nice. israeli small plates- lots of options for a vegetarian. its in society hill, so it might work as your last stop in the city before heading back?

    amada in old city also comes to mind- but i havent been in ages so i cant recommend specific dishes

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      Bashful3 Dec 25, 2010 10:10 AM

      You probably have nothing like Horizons in West Trenton: excellent vegan cuisine that even meat eaters love. That would be my first suggestion. Do plan on eating in Reading terminal market: choices abound: Philly famous for roast pork/provolone/broccoli rabe sandwhiches there; plenty of veggie choices also. Will you be sleeping over? I hear that brunch at La Croix (Rittenhouse Sq) is exceptional.

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      urbanfabric Dec 27, 2010 03:48 AM

      If you're arriving at Market East, you'll be right below the Reading Terminal Market. So, even if you don't want to eat lunch there, it's worth a stop. You can pick up some whoopie pies from Flying Monkey for the train ride home.

      Lunch locations will depend on what day you arrive. Any day of the week, Chinatown options are good as they are near Market East not out of the way to Old City. If Amada is open for lunch, that's a great option. Slightly out of the way is Kanella, at 10th and Spruce, also a good spot. Are you headed to Old City for a specific destination or are you just trying to cover Center City end to end?

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        Heatherb Dec 27, 2010 08:54 AM

        Well, with the snow, I think we're postponing until March now. Sigh.

        Amada was a place I was looking at. What do you think of Eulogy? The beer selections seemed up our alley....

        Whoopie pies... mmmm:)

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