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Dec 25, 2010 04:46 AM

Copper Jam Basin---other uses?

Hey y'all,
My fiancee got me a Baumalu copper jam basin, or at least I think it's a jam basin. The label says "bassine legere," it's unlined copper, is about 6" high and about 18" across the top.

However, I don't make jams, nor do I have any intention to start. Can this be used for anything else? Roasting pan? Anything?

Thanks for your help!

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  1. I've got one and it's terrific for making jams and preserves, but I'm not sure if it would be particularly useful for anything else. That is, it might work as a roaster, or whatever, but wouldn't be the best choice for those situations. (Can't say I've tried, though.)

    With a few exceptions (jam making, beating egg whites), copper cookware needs to be lined with another, non-reactive, metal, such as tin, silver, stainless steel....

    If you really don't think you'll use it for its intended purpose, consider selling it, maybe on eBay; since you've never used it, you might get top dollar for it.

    1. travisL: Can it be used for anything else? Yes, of course. While the shape is not ideal, it can be used to beat eggs or cook things like caramel, custards and zambaglione. It can be baked in. In fact you can cook anything you want in it so long as you do not use strongly acidic ingredients. And it can be used as an excellent heat diffuser (you put another pot inside) to avoid hotspots with other pans or for very low stovetop heat (i.e., melting chocolate or making confit).

      They also make great-looking small beverage tubs for parties.

      However, despite these uses, exchanging for a Baumalu copper saucepan might be a more versatile solution.