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Crab Pizza at Matthew's

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Thanks for the great recommendations for Matthew's Pizza in Baltimore! We went last night and had the crab pizza and it was a total delight. Great crab taste, and the blend of crab, onion, cheeses, crust, and Old Bay worked fantastically well. The toasted cheese on the crust was another treat, reminiscent of one of the tricks that Loui's in Detroit uses to get their pizza tasting so good. The cannoli for dessert was a treat as well.

Now when we go home we have to see if we can get some of the places near us in Silicon Valley to make Dungeness crab pizza! Plenty of the Asian places already do crab pasta dishes.


Matthew's Pizzaria
3131 Eastern Ave, Baltimore, MD 21224

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  1. Matthew's is easily the best pizza in the twin cities region.

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      Agreed, although it never occurred to me to try the crab pizza.

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        I recently tried the Woodward and it was great!