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Dec 24, 2010 07:36 PM

Best Pad Thai......where?

Lived downtown for the past 15 years. In that time the best pad thai was always consistently to be had at the old, dearly missed Bamboo club on Queen street.
Anyone know where you can find pad thai just as good and similar to what they served there? I've eaten at almost every Thai restaurant downtown, and nothing comes close...

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  1. Haven't been to Bamboo Club but my faves in the city are:

    1. Sukho Thai - on a good day, probably the best of the bunch but can be inconsistent and the resto itself is tight, small and is lacking ambience
    2. Linda - consistent, nice ambience but pricey
    3. Mengrai Thai - get the authentic style one (can't remember the exact name)
    4. Pi-Tom - get the Thai style one as well; probably my least favorite of the four, but it's the most accessible since they have a few branches

    82 Ontario Street, Toronto, ON M5A 2V3, CA

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      eco_bach, I have had the pad thai at the Bamboo; I must admit I was not blown away by their food overall. (But it sure was a fun place to hang out, esp their patio upstairs!)

      I do agree with ctl98 with Sukho Thai and Linda. Haven't tried Mengrai Thai. And Pi-Tom didn't leave an impression.

      I'd like to add Thai To-Go on Gerrard as another great Thai resto/take-out. Try their Royal Pad Thai. I hear they're looking to expand with more seating capacity next door (have only had their take-out). (On the note of expansion, I also am looking forward to Sukho Thai opening up a new location in the Entertainment district.)

      I would say Sukho Thai is currently my fave but they may not be similar to the Bamboo.

      Thai To-Go
      452 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON M5A2H2, CA

      1. re: Steady

        just to clarify, sukho thai is not expanding. khao san road is a separate restaurant that nuit will be running the kitchen of.

        1. re: pinstripeprincess

          Thanks for the name of the new restaurant; I'll be looking out for it!

          1. re: Steady


            and they started up a twitter account, though they really need more photos of their progress: @khaosanroadTO

    2. You're in luck. The pad thai at the Bamboo was Wandee Young's, who now owns several Young Thailand restaurants. I believe she hasn't changed any of her dishes, especially the pad thai.