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Dec 24, 2010 06:53 PM

New Year's Day lunch in Russellville, AR or nearby (I-40)


We'll be driving from one set of family to another, going from El Dorado (leaving around 9 or 10 AM) to Fayetteville, on New Year's Day. Not really ideal, but that's just how it worked out in terms of flying back to where we live later. So we'll want to stop and have lunch somewhere along the way, and Little Rock (about 2.5 hours) will probably be a little too close to breakfast for us to want lunch. I guess it'll be Russellville or something. Does anyone know what'll be open other than fast food? I've never tried eating in that area on New Year's Day, so I have no idea if things tend to shut down or not.

We're open to almost anything that isn't a bar and isn't $50 a plate (probably not terribly likely). I realize it's a long shot, but if you know, please pass it on.

Thank you!

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  1. Here's some good places for road food between LR and FS. I do not know if they will be open. Give them a call to be sure.

    Here are a few places with good road food in Conway, AR near I 40. Beverly's Diner in Atkins, AR is a nice place to stop for good road food. A little further E of Atkins is a good place for lunch or dinner at Morrilton Drive Inn in Morrilton, AR. When you get to Russellville, AR you could stop at CJ's, Colton's, Old Post or Pudgy's for good road food. Headed West on I 40 you could stop in Ozark, AR for good BBQ @ Rivertowne.

    Mike's Place @ 808 Front Street, Conway, AR 501 - 269 - 6453.
    Shorty Small's @ 1475 Hogan Lane, Conway, AR 501 - 764 - 0604.
    Smitty's BBQ @ 740 South Harkrider St., Conway, AR. 501 - 327 - 8304.
    Stoby's Restaurant @ 805 Donaghey Avenue, Conway, AR 501 - 327 - 5447.
    Beverly's Family Diner @ 502 North Church St., Atkins, AR 479 - 641 - 0046.
    Morrilton Drive In Restaurant @ 1601 Oak St., Morrilton, AR 501 - 354 - 8343.
    C J's Butcher Boy Burgers @ 2803 North Arkansas Ave., Russellville, AR 479 - 968 - 2300.
    Colton's Steakhouse & Grill @ 2320 North Arkansas Ave., Russellville, AR 479 - 880 - 2333.
    Old Post BBQ @ 407 S. AR Ave., Russellville, AR. 479 - 968 - 2421.
    Pudgy Pig BBQ @ 2405 E. Parkway Dr., Russellville, AR. 479 - 967 - 6062.
    Rivertowne BBQ @ 205 S. 3rd St., Ozark, AR. 479 - 667 - 1808.

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    1. re: Littleman

      Thank you! That reminds me that Marketplace Grill may be worth calling as well.

      Marketplace Grill
      95 E Joyce Blvd, Fayetteville, AR 72703

    2. Feltner's is just off the highway on the main road into Russellville - across from the Arkansas Tech campus. I realize I am a day late - story of my life - but it may help in the future.

      Feltner's Whatta-Burger
      1410 N Arkansas Ave, Russellville, AR 72801

      1. Another worthy consideration which we have enjoyed is in Altus is the restaurant at Wiederkejr Wine Cellars -

        Wiederkehr Weinkeller Restaurant
        3324 Swiss Family Dr, Altus, AR 72821

        1. We wound up at Stoby's in Russellville ... it's kind of like the local version of Hobee's--i.e., a much, much nicer Denny's. They have their own bakery (and their own "queso," a spicy [...not really] white cheese dip). It was pretty good, and the service was really friendly--weirdly, our server was from California. The building has a vintage diner car attached to the side and a model train running around the ceiling. It was filling and a nice stop, and a decent change from all the barbecue we'd eaten previously. So if anyone's looking in the future, Stoby's is likely to be open on New Year's Day.

          Stoby's Restaurant
          405 W Parkway Dr, Russellville, AR 72801

          805 Donaghey Ave, Conway, AR 72034