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Dec 24, 2010 04:25 PM

Maple flavoured tea

Hi. I once ate at a hotel in the Laurentians and they had a type of tea that was maple flavoured that was very good. It was in a fancy package but I can't remember the brand. Anyone have any idea where I might find it. Thanks.

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  1. Google "maple tea" and you will find links to a number of different brands. Perhaps you will recognize the packaging.

    1. I've seen maple-flavoured tea sold at Merci-vrac and La D├ępense (both at Jean-talon market).
      I recall seeing more than one brand, so you might want to scour the market's specialty shops.

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        Any "good" tourist store in Old Montreal stocks it!

        1. java-u has pretty decent teas which they sell. there is a great maple one.

          1. I have bought some on occasion at the Douceurs du Marche at the Atwater market

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