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Dec 24, 2010 04:23 PM

Help with Prime rib roast


Last year, I found a recipe for the most UNBELIEVABLE prime rib either I, nor anyone I made it for had ever tasted, and my brother is even a chef, and he said that mine was better than any of his ever were, on this website. I made it for Easter also, and I thought I was saving the recipe on my computer,, but when I went to look up the recipe today so I can make it tomorrow, all I got was the message boards. OH NO!!! Maybe if I explain it well enough, someone can help me. It was from a man who had apparently owned a restaurant, and he would pack the roast in seasoned flour, cook it at a very high heat for a certain amount of time so that it gets a very nice crust, and then you lower the degrees on it, and it is just out of this world, and unfortunately out of my computer. Can someone PLEASE help me?

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  1. Most high heat oven sear recipe methods call for 500 degrees for anywhere between 15-30 minutes, then drop the temperature to 325-350 ....or 200-250 for a length a time needed to reach the target temperature.

    If using seasoned flour only, I would suggest the addition of oil or mustard to make a paste to make it easier to apply to the roast .

    Here's a recipe and a link to a thread that may help you.

    1. Perhaps this is it; scroll down to the very bottom. The post is by CindyJ.

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        Nice catch.....please note CindyJ's recipe is for a Standing Rib Roast, not a Boneless Roast.

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          Funny... I was just about to post a response when I saw you've resurrected my old one. As an FYI, I recently modified my no-fail recipe -- I keep the meat in the closed oven until the meat thermometer reaches 128 degrees. Then I take it out and let it rest a bit before serving. I've found that with a small roast (2 ribs), this has it cooked absolutely perfectly.

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            Thanks for the update. I have copied and pasted it into a Word document.

        2. Thank you WTG2RETIRE. That WAS the recipe I was looking for. Unfortunately, I have already made our Christmas dinner, so I kind of winged it. It turned out OK, but this time, I'm printing out the other recipe so that for Easter I can do it right. Thank you very much! Merry Christmas! Sheri

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            I print out the recipes I never want to forget (there are 5 so far) but make only once a year or so and tape to the inside of my kitchen cabinets. Nobody will see them and they are easy to find.

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              If I did that, my cabinet doors would be wallpapered with recipes.

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              I am glad that was the recipe and was hoping that you would read it in time.