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Dec 24, 2010 12:03 PM

only once a year

what foods do you eat only once a year? I pretty much only eat Thanksgiving dinner, including green bean casserole, cranberries, my mom's stuffing and the bird once a year. For xmas it waries so, not a once a year meal. What do you eat once a year and why?

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  1. Christmas cookies, we don't make or eat Christmas cookies any other time of the year.

    1. Entirely traditional Christmas Day turkey meal. Same every bloody year.

      1. Shortbread, and those peanut butter/chipits/marshmallow squares. Why, you ask? Because these things are like crack to me.

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        1. re: SherBel

          Chipits? Canadian, eh? I'd love that recipe.

        2. herring, both pickled & in cream sauce, at midnight on New Year's. Does anyone know the history of this?

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            The herring seems to be something popular with Americans with a German family background. Google is no help as to whether it's a tradition followed in Germany.

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              Since I'm Bohemian, English & Irish I wonder why I grew up with it then. I remember a German friend of the family saying that if the first thing you ate and drank at the new year was expensive, then you would have wealth all year long. Herring doesn't exactly fit that profile.

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                My wife's family (grandparents, parents, and 8 adult aunts and uncles) emigrated to the U.S. the year she was born, 1956, from the Hamburg area. To this day they make 'heringsalat' every year for the holidays. It is a mix of salted herring, apples, beets, onions, hard boiled eggs, cucumbers, all finely diced and mixed in some sort of sweet and sour vinegarette dressing. They claim they were raised on this as a once a year 'treat' and the tradition went back generations.

                The funny thing is that although they wax nostalgic about this stuff and claim it's not Christmas without it, not one of them will eat more that the tiniest nibble. To look at, mixed in the bowl, it's one of the most obnoxious looking foods you've ever seen in your life.

                1. re: Goldendog

                  Never heard of hard-boiled eggs in herring salad, but apples, beets, onions, pickles in a nice mayo are the perfect herring salad. Too bad their version sucks so bad they won't eat it.

                  I miss a good herring salad over here (in the US).

            2. Chunky's only @ Halloween; I love em gooey out of the microwave.
              Rich mocha cake with double frosting on my anniversary 'cause dh loves it (as much as he loves me!)
              Light & lemony ice box cake created by my gf's Mom. It's so trashy but hey once a year!