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Dec 24, 2010 11:15 AM

Gift Box of Smoked Salmon

Has anyone every received this as a gift? It's smoked salmon sealed in a foil pouch, then put into a wooden box. I've tried it straight from the package and the taste is ok, but the texture is pretty iffy. Maybe salmon cakes? Any other ideas?

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  1. Mix into cream cheese and serve with bagels?

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      yes yes and top with chopped red onion and capers...die and go to heaven!

    2. Savory cheescake with smoked salmon is wonderful.

      1. It's not fantastic on its own. Probably best to mix with something - like cream cheese - as a pate or flake and toss into a salad or pasta. The salmon itself is kind of dry - at least the ones I have had were - more like canned salmon than anything else. The box is nice though, isn't it? Can't be used for anything but kindling, but it's cute.

        1. Use it in an omelet with Ricotta, Cream, or Masacarpone cheese, baby spinach, and a few capers.

          1. You can make an easy smoked salmon remoulade- equal parts sour cream and mayonnaise, with horseradish, dill, and a little toasted onion powder. With or without capers, it's quick and tasty.