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Dec 24, 2010 10:48 AM

Crab Bisque Recipe?

I'm new here and am looking for a crab bisque recipe (no canned soup ingredients, please!). If anyone can help I'll be grateful. By the way , I love this Chowhound site. Terrific.

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  1. This is the one I use except I make fish, crab or shrimp stock instead of the chicken stock. I seem to remember that there is a really elaborate on on epicurious, too.
    And welcome!

    1. I'm interested in this also. In DC recently we had what they call "crab soup." It was super creamy. I kinda wondered if they made the crab stock with mostly or all cream. It was served with the lump crab meat in the center of the soup bowl. A pitcher of the "soup" was poured over it.