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Opps! Forgot the butter in the pecan pie-do I need to start over?

Hi-I just made a pecan pie, stuck it in the oven, cleaned the kitchen and low and behold, found the melted butter (2 tbs) for the pie filing sitting in the microwave. Pie looks perfect! Do I need to start over? Help!!

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  1. If you have any kind of syringe, ear syringe, baster, small funnel, or even eye dropper, re-melt the butter and inject it into the filling in MANY evenly spaced places. Imagine a one-inch grid so that you add the butter evenly. Then return the pie to the oven at a low-enough temp (200-250) that it won't overbrown the crust but will allow the butter to permeate throughout the filling.

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      +1 - a spritzer/sprayer capable of handling the melted butter would work perfectly. Presto used to make one; haven't seen one in years.

    2. It'll arguably be missing a certain depth of flavor, but it'll be fine.

      1. Only 2 tbs of butter?? Naw...I wouldn't start over...you'll hardly miss it!!


        PS...Just don't tell anybody!! :))

        1. Trying the injection method...takes doctoring your meal to new extremes...will let you know the final result....thanks for all the suggestions and happy holidays!

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            Please do report back. Hope it works! A couple of years ago, I brought a pie to our extended family Christmas gathering and tried to cut into it only to realize that I'd forgotten the eggs! Needless to say, it was a gloppy mess, but we all got a good laugh out of it.

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              Bet it tasted good too!!!....like Candy!

          2. Once when making pumpkin bread, I noticed it was lighter in color than usual. A few minutes in the oven and I realized I forgot the eggs. Pulled them out, and remixed with eggs. This is why I don't bake. Oh, and once I forgot the sugar in the banana bread. It had no flavor at all.

            1. Okay, here to report on the pie....the injection method worked perfectly-It was a chocolate pecan pie and I did have to plug a few "holes" on the surface with chocolate chips before re-baking it but all in all, it looked and tasted great. Now my husband wants to try another without butter....but with the cost of all those pecans and chocolate, I don't think so....thanks again for all the advice!

              1. I did the same thing today, but just left it out and it seemed fine. I also forgot the vanilla, but we add it to the whipped cream for the pumpkin pie, we just smeared it on both and it was fine.

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                  yeah...there were some parts of pie that didn't get injected butter and they almost had a candy bar like quality...quite yummy!!