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Dec 24, 2010 10:14 AM

Help - Stove Cleaning Emergency

I just finished making candy and jelly on my brand new stove. The top is black enamal and now has sugar syrup dried on it in places. I have tried Bartender's Friend and some has come off but I am relucatant to cook until I get it clean. Any suggestions or should I give up?

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  1. A wet rag sitting on it should dissolve the sugar in a few minutes.

    1. ...or a little boiling water from a teakettle and work it with a non-metallic spatula/turner

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        Thanks - I used the boiling water hint and, with a LOT of working with the spatula, the sugar came off. Does anyone know if it is okay to put aluminum foil over the whole top (gas stove with closed burners) during future very messy taks is a good idea?