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Dec 24, 2010 09:08 AM

Can I freeze a Mayo based cheese spread

I'm making the Caribbean version of pimento cheese spread -basically mayo, fontina, onion, garlic, prepared yellow mustard, white pepper and local hot sauce. I've got a bunch left over. In the past I've added more mayo and made it into a yummy dip -but this time I've added too much hot sauce for my kids so not sure what to do other than freeze it.

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  1. In a word, No. You shouldn't freeze mayonnaise because it tends to separate when frozen and I've never found a method for reconstituting it after freezing that works.

    1. I would try it, since it probably has more cheese and other stuff than mayo. You might have to use a blender or processor when it thaws to recover the consistency. Better than throwing it out when it spoils!

      1. I'll side with todao on this one, mayo based anything does not reconstitute after being frozen. Freezing mayonnaise breaks down the emulsion and causes separation and other textural changes; that includes dips, spreads, casseroles, etc. You *might* be able to save it by trying to reconstitute it in the blender, if it's worth it to you to try.

        I have unfortunately been in a position of having a large quantity of mayonaise freeze on me at one point in my chef career, and there was nothing to do with it but chuck it.

        Miracle Whip, oddly enough, can be frozen without damage. Go figure.

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          Funny how food that's not made of food doesn't behave like food....

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            Hehe, I guess you could say that.

            I assume you're referring to Miracle Whip? Maybe that's why it's called Miracle Whip.

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              If I were hip enough to make an i-heart-bwg tee I'd do it in a NY second.

        2. As bushwickgirl comments, it may be saved from a broken emulsion by blending. I want to add a secret trick that increases your odds of a decent result - what you do is separate some egg yolks (number depending on amount of thawed broken mix to fix), blend that alone first, and then.... And here is the KEY.... You SLOWwwwwwly add in a trickle of the broken mixture. Usually will allow reincorporation into an emulsion.

          1. Maybe mix in with some plain yogurt to lessen the heat so that it is managable to eat? Otherwise bring it to the office with a "free! Spicy! Please take me!" Sign- it will be gone before lunch.

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              So true, I'm always amazed that people at the office will consume any food that's free.