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Dec 24, 2010 08:21 AM

Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Tokyo and Yokohama

Help! My extended family is visiting soon for a week. We live in Yamato but I plan on showing them both Tokyo and the Yamato area. We are spending a night in Tokyo, near Hiroo station, and visitng Shibuya, Harajuku. and Roppongi. Then onto Yokohama, (waterfront, Minato-Mirai area, and Chinatown) for a day.

My problem is that all four are vegetarian. I was hoping to find a pretty good place in each city for lunch. Tofu or tohu is fine. I am taking them to a shabu shabu restaurant here that has a vegetarian set and we just won't share pots. ;) I wish I could fine a nice vegan ramen place or a place that has a vegan ramen option. I am pretty open to suggestions other than that wishful thought.... TIA!!!

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  1. Crayon House in Aoyama (03-3406-6409) has a nice Japanese vegetarian buffet lunch every day for Y1200. If you want to splurge, Itosho in Azabu-Juban (03-3454-6538) does shojin-ryori (rather elaborate Buddhist temple vegetarian cuisine) for Y6000 at lunchtime.

    I don't know much vegetarian in Yokohama, other than a branch of Khazana Indian restaurant at at! in Queens Square (045-682-2873). There's also a chain of organic/ natural foods buffet restaurants called Harvest, with several branches in Yokohama. They seem to have a lot of vegetable-oriented dishes, although I'm not sure how many of them are strictly vegetarian and how many use bits of fish broth when they're being prepared.

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      Oh and there's also a branch of Sizzler in Landmark Plaza in Yokohama (045-222-5316). Their salad bar has a lot of vegetarian options, and it's much better than the US version from what I've heard.

    2. I have never tried this vegetarian shabu shabu restaurant but it is getting rave review from my friends: Yasaiya Mei on the 5th floor of Roppongi Hill. You may read the review from this vegetarian blogger and she also has also many other recommendation: