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Dec 24, 2010 08:06 AM

LA to Tahoe Drive

We are driving from Los Angeles to Lake Tahoe (technically Squaw), any suggestions for chow-worthy places to stop for lunch (preferably at about the half way point or so) along the way?

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  1. Most of us prefer taking Highway 99 instead of 5, if you have not yet made that decision so check out some of the prior posts for Highway 99 - Kingsburg is a good early stop for Swedish pancakes or a Swedish lunch at the Dala Horse in this Swedish themed farm town.

    Dala Horse
    1531 Draper St, Kingsburg, CA 93631

    1. Come up 99 into Fresno, Take 41 North, Exit Herndon Ave and turn left (going east), Turn Right on Cedar and go to Hunan (SE Corner tucked in the back) for some excellent Chinese food (ask for the "former yellow menu" for true Chinese) esp. the buttercream prawns and all other things. Just call and make sure they are open!

      Hunan Restaurant
      6716 N Cedar Ave Ste 104, Fresno, CA 93710

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        This place is getting such good reviews all over the place. Sounds like a worth the drive sort of place or combine with our next Blossom Trail tour in Fresno when we come up to buy bulk raisins. Thanks for the tip.

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          If you give them a 24 hour notice you can get some very special items, the Sesame Bread and Garlic Lamb Hot Pot are usually automatic picks for us plus a new one from our last visit, Dave's Duck (not on the menu).

          [ETA]: As mentioned in the thread below, Sal's in Selma is worth a detour, try the Fancy Burrito or the Karl's Fancy, ask for it basted. Lighter eaters might consider sharing one.

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            Dave's Duck? Any more info? I love the tea smoked duck so now am very curious?

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              I'd called in a day or two prior knowing that a dear friend aned his son that would be joining us were quackophiles. Like you we'd had the tea smoked and the Peking versions at earlier chowdowns so I asked if Chef Liu would do a preparation using some sort of fruit (not best time of year, I realize). All I can tell you it was fantastic, crispy skin with a sweet and tangy note from dried fruit. A couple of folks with us that weren't really duck fans became converts. If you do try it let us know your thoughts.