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Dec 24, 2010 06:29 AM

Taste of Chicago Naples

A new fast food outlet opened in the Green Tree Center on Immokalee called Taste of Chicago. As a native Chicago person, I miss some of the specialties I always took for granted. Vienna makes the hot dog of choice for most of the stands back home and they are served here at Taste of Chicago, along with Italian Beef, Sausage, Polish, etc. There are a couple other places in the area serving Vienna hot dogs, however this is the only one offering poppy seed buns. I thoroughly enjoyed my dog. They come with homemade potatoe chips or fries. Both are respectable.

I also had an Italian Beef with giardinera. Imo, Scala produced the best beef in Chicago. The Vienna beef here I believe is prepackaged as individual servings and dipped in juice, served on a roll(which unfortunately isn't the benchmark-Gonnella). The sandwich was ok, not anywhere near the standards of Johnny's or Mr. Beef.

I would return to sample a few of the other items.

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  1. was this called something else--some hot dog place in the Green Tree center?

    Green Tree
    14236 W Newberry Rd, Newberry, FL 32669

    1. I don't know what it was in it's previous life.

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        It was Havana's, serving Cuban food for 8 years.

      2. I stopped in tonight at Taste of Chicago, and was also very happy with my $4 hot dog!
        I saw your note on the rolls, and took careful notice of the bags the rolls came from.
        After I ate, I introduced myself and asked to take photos in the open kitchen- Owners Rick and Bonnie were happy to show me everything I desired. The poppy seed rolls truly are the authentic Gonnella brand, dipped in juice-the photo is on my blog. The beef is only authentic Vienna Beef, as pointed out to me by another customer, as well as Rick and Bonnie.
        The fact that you enjoyed, and other Chicagoans who were there during my hour long visit raved about the authenticity and great taste of the hot dogs is impressive. They've only been open a week, and they had over 20 people in just the hour I visited!

        I also had the combo of Italian sausage and beef, and it was huge, tasty and filling for only $7. The beef is individually kept in tiny tupperware containers, and simmered only when an order is placed. That's not the case with many other restaurants, and the taste is not as rich as Taste of Chicago's beef.

        I put my write up and photos at:


        1. I offer my humblest apologies and a bit of embarrassment for not recognizing the use of Gonnella rolls. I guess I've been out of Chicago a bit too long.

          1. I would have to disagree. I grew up in Chicago and didn't find their food that good. Granted I am no Chef but something was just off about the taste, maybe it was a FL twist to it. The one place I did find great Chicago style food was at this random wagon on Airport Rd. A friend of mine recommended it to me. I'm not sure of its name but it had outstanding Chicago dogs! Best I have taste so far in Naples by far!