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Dec 24, 2010 05:38 AM

Gastro Pub Gift Card

Want to pick up some gift cards for my 23 year-old nephew and thought some gastro pubs might be the way to go. He's a big beer lover but isn't real adventurous when it comes to food. He lives in the Society Hill area but I'm not limited to that section of the city. Suggestions?

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  1. I might be wrong on this, but I think many places require a food purchase with a gift card. If you are hoping he can use the gift card to sample some different types of beers, you might want to check the pub's policy first.

    Otherwise, I would recommend South Philly Tap Room. Great beer selection and the food is good too.

    You also might want to see if some of the beer distributors (Bella Vista, Bell's, etc.) offer gift cards too.

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      great idea to look into a gift card at a beer distributor. or maybe a gift card to the foodery beer store in northern liberties? that way he wont have to use on food

      if you want to stick to a gastropub, id recommend standard tap (nolibs), southwark (4th and bainbridge)- southwark is more speak easy than gastropub. chick's cafe on 7th and south is also great- good food, good cocktails

      southwark and chicks are not really gastropubs, but i like them

      sptr is a good recommendation, although its not near society hill. memphis taproom is in fishtown if you think thats more convenient for him?

      id probably get a foodery gift card if he wants some cool beers and a bit more flexibility than a gift card to a specific brewery.

      im also a beer-loving 23 yr old and id be very happy with a gift certificate to a gastropub or beer store, so youre on the right track :)

    2. I recommend Varga Bar since it's very close to Society Hill and has terrific but approachable food and always a very good beer list. In the warmer months, they open all the walls and it becomes an indoor-outdoor place. I've been here for happy hour, brunch, dinner, and even new year's eve, and it's always been a great time.

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        Thanks, all. Picked up cards from Varga and SPTR as well as a few others. And tossed in one to Honey Sit & Eat for a hangover brunch. He loved them!