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Buying a Carving Fork-YYC

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Does anyone know where I can buy a good carving fork in Calgary?


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  1. You will be able to get Henckels and probably Wusthof carving forks at any Bay store. You'll probably find the biggest selection at an HBC Home Outfitters store.

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      In the past, at this time of the year, the Bay downtown is a great choice. A lot less people than you'll find the in the mall; and as the flagship store, they tend to have everything in stock.

      1. re: tex_in_yyc

        Thank you very much!

    2. for really upscale, get the set from thomas haslinger

      1. I was eyeing the Wusthof knives on the Amazon.ca boxing week sale pages and saw this:
        http://www.amazon.ca/Wusthof-4417-Gra... nice long sharp tines with a round cross-section, looks classy and matches the carving knife.

        Of course I would never shell out $71 for a fork but that's just me. I use one that came in an 8-pc cutlery set and it looks more like this one:
        http://www.amazon.ca/Messermeister-50... doesn't look nearly as nice but does the job.