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Dec 24, 2010 03:47 AM

Caffe Italia (Albany)?

Anyone been to Caffe Italia (Albany)?

Not much on this Board . . .

Found Caffe Italia mentioned in a recent thread on eggplant parm and a thread from 2001:

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  1. Eaten @ CI about 6X's during business trips to Albany. It's a better than average, family run, restaurant. By no means upscale, it serves typical Italian fare at a level not typically found in the area. The prices are higher than the Albany norm - one app, one entree, 2 cocktails = $50. My favorite dish is the veal Milanese over a mesculin salad with ripe tomatoes (summer time).

    1. Was there just this past week, first time in years, because they've opened for lunch. Artichokes francaise were delicious, but I especially enjoyed the eggs in purgatory; two poached eggs in tomato sauce, served with grilled bread, I'm guessing from Nino's. Family run, very friendly. Used to be crowded with legislators in season, don't know if it's still popular with that crowd.

      1. Ah, Caffe Italia!

        Tiny (and noisy when crowded) but the service and food are excellent. Our server recognized us at our last visit despite the fact that it'd been almost a year since we'd dined there. Not a fancy menu by any means but my experience has been that you can order any dish and be confident that it will be great. Over the years I have occasionally ordered off-menu dishes also, and have always been well taken care of.

        Their fettucini Alfredo is rich and decadent as an Alfredo should be, and which they seldom are at many places, made with fresh pasta and real cream and a touch of sherry, I think.
        Every chicken dish I've tried has been quite good. This past visit my companion had the pan-seared sea bass, very delicately seasoned and done perfectly.

        Has been there for a long time- I first went there at least twenty years ago- and has kept the quality up. Plus, it has one of those private old men's Italian clubs next door, almost always a good sign. (Ever seen The Freshman? There's a scene set in that kind of club.)

        Not a particularly formal place, but the food is right up there. The wait staff has been excellent, with a single exception- on one visit we were served by a woman who I think must've been filling in for somebody. Other than that, my experiences have been quite positive.

        Caffe Italia
        662 Central Ave Ste 1, Albany, NY 12206

        1. Found this place last year; it truly is a family trattoria. The prices seemed reasonable to my wife and me. The food was ample and delicious, and the Caffe, fairly crowded the night we were there, was not unduly noisy. All the political stuff on the walls adds a certain interest, but it's the food that matters, isn't it.
          Rather limited wine list, but good value there. Hope to visit the week after next.