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Dec 23, 2010 09:28 PM

HMong Market 1001 Johnson Pkwy

This one is like the one in the old lumber yard on Como at Rice. But nicer. And the food is good too. Maybe better, maybe not. I'm not an expert. There are a lot more food stalls.

I enjoyed papaya salad Lao style with roast pork. As I understand it, Lao style is heavier on the fish sauce than Thai style.

I saw the usual dishes, lots of hmong sausages, beef ribs, what looks like 2" by 2" by 18" deep-fried strips of pork belly, purple rice, stuffed chicken wings, spring rolls, pho, curry soup and fresh-made papaya salads. There were some unusual dishes I'd like to Crazy Steak.

I'll be going back regularly.

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  1. Jim - do they just sell food or is it also a market? Also, any idea if they are open at night or are the strictly a daytime operation? Thanks!

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      There are a bunch of restaurant booths selling ready to eat food and takeaway food. There are tables and chairs in a common area set up for informal dining. There are grocery stalls and even a tea-bar. There are clothing stalls and video stalls and toy stalls. There are car insurance stalls and probably some types of stalls I don't recall or didn't see.

    2. Does anyone have an update on this market. I was thinking of going, but would love to hear what others think. How is it different from the Como market (closer to my home)? What are the advantages to the extra travel? Let me know your thoughts or opinions. I am looking for fresh vegetables and also for meal options. Thanks

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        Her Kitchen has my favorite pho in the cities. They make a great Papaya salad too.

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          If you like the Como market and you can get to the Johnson street market without undue hardship, I think you ought to go take a look for yourself.

          The Johnson street market seemed bigger and more varied in the meal vendors. I'm not sure about the fresh food/grocery stuff because I just get that stuff at Shuang Hur or United Noodle or someplace like that. Johnson street is also cleaner and newer. It has a lot of stuff I'm not particularly interested in like the clothes and videos and services like accounting and insurance in the office portion of the building.